Agreed that there’s no match for experience. But what if you don’t have any but still want that dream job so bad? Your worries end here. If you want a new job or are looking to switch to a new line of work with zero experience, you can still nail the interview with loads of confidence and little preparation. Take a look as we take you through pointers you must keep in mind before getting on with that important job interview.

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Make a list of reasons why you deserve this job

It’s your dream job and you don’t want to let yourself down when you’re at the interview. So be positive and list down why you’re going to be a superwoman at this job and ask yourself why they will never be able to turn you down even though you don’t have experience. If you’re confident and excited about handling the task well, the employers will be willing to take the risk and hire you.

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Talk to people from the same field

Talk to friends who belong to the line of work you want to switch to or enter. if you don’t have friends who can help, use the biggest weapon we have right now – social media. start following people and trust us, friends you make on social media sites will happily impart knowledge and help you prepare for the job.

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Be confident, not over smart

There’s no bigger tool than confidence when you’re trying to get a job without any experience. Speak up and highlight your other skills like loyalty, leadership and professionalism. But remember that you shouldn’t go over the top because over smart behaviour is a huge turn off. Keep things subtle yet prove your worth.

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Wow the employers with your cover letter

Never underestimate the power of words. While confidence is going to woo them anyway, a cover letter will be one of the deciding factors on why they should hire you. Yes, we know you don’t have experience. So skip technical words. Just tell them why you will be more than excellent at this job because you would respect every bit of the opportunity provided to you.