Are you using your lunch hour wisely? Besides doing the obvious—consuming brain-boosting foods that will give you energy and concentration to work—you must use this break to indulge in various other things. If you’re active enough, your office lunch break could be full of activities that will not only be therapeutic but also a whole lot of fun. Want to know what you can do to make the most of your lunch break? Read on to find out the three easiest ways…

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Fitness activity

Your body often gets stiff from sitting for hours in front of the computer. So use your lunch break to indulge in a quick fitness activity. Make sure you carry your trainers to work and keep them under your desk so you can wear them during lunch hour to indulge in some easy physical activity—take a walk or climb the stairs but ensure that you do some form of exercise. It’ll fight that desk fatigue, give you a boost of energy and you’ll return to your work station feeling rejuvenated.

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Visit a bookstore/art gallery

There’s never a wrong time to pursue a hobby of your liking. Use your lunch breaks wisely and take time out to visit an art gallery if you’re an art lover or a bookstore if you like reading. If you like to shop (and who doesn’t?), you can always pop into a store of your choice to see if there’s a new collection out. If you don’t wish to step out, remember that lunchtime is usually when office spaces like boardrooms are empty which means you can find yourself a quiet spot, read a book and totally disconnect. It’ll give you the break you need and of course, the fact that you’re doing something you love is a great way to de-stress.

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Grocery shopping

How many times have you needed to buy something for the house but put your plans on hold because you’re just way too tired to visit the supermarket after work? Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? If you have a list of things you need, shopping for grocery during your lunchtime can prove to be the most effective use of your time. That way you can rush straight home post work and unwind instead of make a stopover at the grocer’s.