He might not crack the perfect jokes but they still make you laugh, he might not sing the most soothing lullabies but they still comfort you, he might not quote poetry but he still makes you think twice—he’s not the perfect guy and you’re not the perfect girl—yet the union is nothing short of utter and pure perfection. So, if you can be flexible when it comes to your soulmate—you certainly can be more than flexible when it comes to your wedding day. So ladies, in true modern power woman style—we bring you 5 fabulous ways in which you can get married without ruining your bank accounts.

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Setting a Budget

Before you decide to overspend or end up underspending you need to know how much exactly you have to spend. Although this might seem like the drabbest part about planning your wedding—everything is dependent on it! Whether your parents are chipping in or whether the two of you are going halfsies—get all the financers involved and set the budget. Get as detailed as possible and account for all the pre and post wedding functions—and whatever you do make sure you don’t allocate more than you can afford. Once you nail this, everything else will seem like cakewalk.

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Want Vs. Need

Now it’s time to sit down with the fiancé and discuss what you want versus what you need. For you the wedding lehenga might be all that’s important and for him the wedding entertainment and Grade-A quality alcohol might be of utmost importance. Use a democratic approach and let each have their say—by the end of this seemingly excruciating session you’ll be able to figure out each other’s priorities and cancel the unnecessary expenses. It’s always nice to keep in mind that this is your wedding—so keeping things personal, intimate and the way you like them will always trump what you think your guests want.

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One Time Splurge

Each one of you is allowed a one-time splurge. From that one fantastic photographer who makes those gorgeous mini-movies that you can treasure forever to a Michelin star chef prepping little canapés for your near and dear ones or even going traditional and insisting on that timeless polki wedding set —you’re just allowed one, so better make it count. One splurge. Go!

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The Wedding Vendors

What you need to keep in mind in ensuring that your wedding is wallet-friendly, is to be aware that different vendors come with different prices—this is city specific. Do your research thoroughly, and nothing will stop you from finding a vendor that will do what you need, at a cost you approve. Get a wedding planner on board if that makes you more comfortable—they have a bank of vendors and will find you one that fits the bill without going off-budget.

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Taxes and Gratuities

Any finally, don’t forget to take taxes and gratuities into proper consideration. This usually has the power to send you over the edge when it breaks your budget. You know that everything is taxable, but this is a cost that you don’t tend to think about while planning your wedding, which is why we’re reminding you to take it into account. So remember to calculate at least a third of your total cost for tips and taxes and try to pay your taxes in one lump in an effort to lower the overall price.