They saw, they swiped, they met, and they happily lived ever after – that’s Mumbai-based blogger Anushka Hajela’s love story in one line. Marriages might have been made in heaven but today they’re largely made online. With dating apps like Tinder gaining popularity over conventional match-making, it’s time we finally acknowledged the full power of the internet. One of our favourite bloggers, the
25-year-old Anushka of ‘Bombay Bubble’ tells us her Tinder love story from start to finish.

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We would definitely not have expected you to be on Tinder…

Yeah… I know. A friend of mine played on my very short attention span and told me about Tinder and how she’d met some really nice guys on it. She (gently) suggested that such a huge part of my life was centered around social media anyway, and that there’s no reason my love life couldn’t be controlled through my phone. You know, I went out with three other people from Tinder before James. They were all nice, but some of the dates were absolute disasters.

So what made you swipe right on James’ profile?

To begin with, it was his fun profile picture. He was biting his lip and had a heart drawn on his neck in permanent marker while a drunk friend photo bombed the background. I also liked that unlike most men, he had the confidence to wear his glasses in his profile picture and act goofy. So I spoke to him for a week before we met up and learned he was funny, sweet, smart, charming, polite, well read and loved animals as much as I did. We also had a lot in common so I felt like we would have a lot to talk about. That definitely put me at ease.

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How did it progress from online to offline?

As soon as I met James, I knew something felt different. I deleted Tinder off my phone. Our second date was even better than the first. We chatted incessantly and luckily his trip was extended, thus giving us a lot more time with each other. After about 4 weeks, we were sure we wanted the long-distance relationship. A few rounds to UK culminated in a romantic proposal at London’s Millennium Bridge that I could not possible deny. The rest is history.

Was it destiny or Tinder or both?

Well, given the fact that we are from completely different countries, completely different careers and have no friends in common at all, I don't think it would have happened without Tinder. However, I do think it really was meant to be. Also, many little signs and strange coincidences during our courtship really cemented the fact that this was meant to be. If I sat down to list them I'd be here all night, but my mom, friends, family, etc. all believe it was destiny whenever I narrate the stories to them.

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How do you feel about an app playing Cupid in your story?

I like it because it’ll be such a fun story to tell our kids! I also think it’s great because I haven't heard of many Tinder success stories in India, so now many of my friends have used us as a positive example to get on the app.

Any pro-tips for someone trying to find love on Tinder?

  • Play your cards right and with integrity
  • Be forthright about your intentions
  • Don't be afraid to be picky
  • Don't give your number to or meet anyone who pushes / rushes you into anything
  • Immediately block anyone who makes sexual remarks
Keep things light and fun and don't try to be someone you're not.