With social media platforms and networks taking over our lives, our mingling skills are in dire need of an upgrade (pun intended)… The virtual life can take a toll on our social skills, in terms of the way we communicate and interact with each other – we are more likely to feel comfortable using Twitter to tweet to each other (even though we’re at the same party) or Instagram to send pictures across to so-and-so, etc. so on and so forth – when placed in social situations. Not to say that we don’t love our apps but perhaps we rely on them a little too much? Yes? Well, then, it’s time for us to don our bonnets and give you some good, ol’ fashioned advice as we re-iterate the basics that involve polishing your people skills. Buckle up; it’s time to be the most charming version of you, off-screen, too…

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Confidence is key! For starters, maintain eye contact with whomever you begin talking to, at a party. It isn’t as nerve-wracking as it sounds - pick a subject to talk about, laugh, be friendly, share anecdotes etc. Touch someone’s shoulder lightly to share solidarity; for instance, when the opposite person says something you can relate to, etc. This will not only make you feel closer to the person but make you feel less awkward about the fact that you are communicating with a stranger at an up-do.

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The internet is a great way to stay connected and meet interesting people (well, virtually) that you probably wouldn’t run into, otherwise. But when the rare moment does occur when you are face-to-face with someone you’ve previously interacted with amicably online for a while or someone you shared ideas with before, use that base to your advantage. Meeting those folks in person solidifies friendships in general, and gives you one more connection to look forward to in the real world…

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Talk to everyone at a function, gala, get-together, party etc. Meeting people can seem daunting at first; if you’re the type who isn’t fond of mingling. Remember that it’s very likely that you might bump into people at such events who feel the same way as you do! Even if/when you do meet a friendly face, don’t stick to one person at the party you’re attending, but walk around, make your presence felt through light conversation and talk to as many people as you can. So what if you don’t form lasting connections or friendships with everyone, the energy you soak in from talking to people will definitely alter your thoughts about mingling!

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Concentrate on your subject (But your phone is vibrating! Should you answer it? The answer is no), perish all thoughts of awkwardness, and just keep the conversation going. At times, when things get too perturbing we feel like we have failed to strike a chord or worry about not having said something equally witty and this causes you to clam up… Don’t do that! The best way to move forward from such pauses is to gracefully laugh at yourself, and carry on. People will like you more for accepting you are human, as much as they are!

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And of course, the most important tip to keep in mind while being social is to be happy in your own skin; be the type of person you would want to meet… Clichéd as it sounds, it holds true and remember to just have fun, wherever you’re going. Basically, all you have to be is open to possibility!

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