When a new year rolls around, making certain resolutions, big and small, is inevitable and involves something as simple as drinking enough water every day to something as difficult as being grateful for something every day. Either way, there are always things from the previous year that you should carry with you and things you should chuck out the window. Here’s our list, and might we suggest, you take it with a pinch of salt…

style trend of 2015 marsala colour 600x400

Keep: Statement Lips
With Marsala being the Pantone Colour of the Year, those statement lips are here to stay. And why shouldn’t they? We’ve relied on them to take us through one too many last minute party invites, a wedding and even a meeting (even though the maroon pout was a tad too OTT, we admit.)

overview 2015 what to throw juice cleanses 600x400

Throw: Juice Cleanses
The juice cleanse obsession of 2013 stuck around last year as well, and we’re really hoping it finds its way out in 2015. Most people jump into juice cleanses without conditioning their bodies to the juice fast, resulting in a no-show cleanse that can do more damage than good. Instead, why not add an extra helping of greens, veggies and fruits to every meal and get healthier by making better eating choices.

overview 2015 what to keep gym membership 600x400

Keep: Gym Membership
Renew your gym membership and sign up for whatever alternate fitness program they’re offering, because as we’ve mentioned earlier, sweating can do oodles not just for your body but also for your skin. That’s two birds with one stone.

overview 2015 what to throw clothes you love to fit into 600x400

Throw: Clothes You’d Love to Fit Into
As hard as it is to admit, some of us end up buying clothes a size or two smaller “hoping” that we’ll fit into them. Not only is this an unrealistic and painful goal (considering the amount of guilt a slice of cheesecake or a bulge near the stomach can cause you), but it’s also a total waste of money. Instead, continue working out, buy clothes that flatter your present shape and embrace your body. When you finally do grow out of your clothes, celebrate by going on a shopping spree!

overview 2015 what to keep holiday itinerary 600x400

Keep: Holiday Itinerary
Not many of you might know this but it is scientifically proven that one of the easiest ways to stay happy is to plan a holiday. So if you’ve got a beach you’ve been wanting to visit, don’t feel shy to look up flight tickets, B&Bs, create itineraries and invite your besties to contribute. Who knows, if it looks exciting enough, it’ll actually materialise.

overview 2015 what to throw dated makeup 600x400

Throw: Dated Makeup
So many of our skin issues would disappear if only we started checking the expiry date on the makeup we use. If we’re checking the dates on a carton of milk or a loaf of bread that we’re consuming, ideally, the same rule should apply to something we’re putting on our skin. So check the dates on your frequently used makeup items as soon as you’re done reading this and switch to new ones if they’ve run their course.