Wonder how bloggers and celebrities look oh-so-appealing in every picture? We’ve got the answer. The new-age-technology allows you to magically turn your every picture into a perfect piece with easy-to-use apps. Check out our list of must-have apps  that’ll garner you all those Instagram hearts within a matter of minutes…

phot editing apps spring 600x400


All of us secretly wish we had longer legs. The ‘Spring’ app allows you to stretch your body and adjust your body proportions; face, legs, arms, thighs and stomach to a desired size. The app asks you to mark two-three points on your body that you’d like to alter (think of it as a simpler version of Photoshop.) While we don’t recommend using it all the time, a little bit of tech-cheating every now and then can do wonders for your ego.

Available on iOS and Android for ₹125.

phot editing apps skinny camera 430x550

Skinny camera

The app lets you easily slim down or fatten up your body by just pinching the image. Perfect for those of us who are intimidated by any kind of technology, you only have to use two fingers to pinch the photo you took to alter dimensions.

Available on iOS and Android for ₹63.

phot editing apps plums and slim booth photo editor 430x550

Plump&Slim Booth Photo Editor

One of the more exhaustive apps around, the apps allows you to slim down or fatten up different parts of your body. The only catch? You’d rather shoot your photo in frontal mode than a side profile for this app.

Free app available on iOS and Android.

phot editing apps photowonder 430x550


This app offers several benefits by allowing you to edit your selfies as well as pictures at the same time. It’s ‘Thinify’ mode helps you adjust your body size while its ‘Blemish Fix’ and ‘Fair Skin’ modes helps smoothen out your skin. It also comes with a wide variety of filters.

Free app available on iOS and Android.