So we’re through with the Grand Opening of Fashion Week, courtesy Sabyasachi’s balloon carnival and now the five days of non-stop action are upon us. While the excitement is palpable, a twelve hour day can suck you dry. That’s why you’ve got to be smarter than the average Fashion Week goer to trump your way through day after day. Because if you aren’t on top of your game, shoe bites, hunger pangs, dehydration can all find their way to you. Here are our tried and tested pro-tips to surviving fashion week…

satchel things to carry at lfw 2015 600x400.


There’s so much you ought to carry to fashion week – some makeup, blotting paper, a portable charger, lip stick, credit cards – all of which won’t fit into your clutch. What’s worse, it’s even more embarrassing when you do try to fit it all into a tiny purse and then have it fall out, in public, during a show! Here’s the solution – opt for a smart satchel for the day. It’s easy to carry around and available in so many styles.

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Face it – with the summer here and too many people there and a lot of shows in between you’re going to have to keep yourself hydrated. Skip the soft drinks and opt for vitamin water, organic juices or even park yourself at the fruit or salad counter during lunch!

fight hunger with dark chocolates during lfw 600x400


There are good chances that sometime between lunch and dinner you’ll find yourself a tad hungry. While we don’t recommend it on a daily basis, we do recommend that for these few days keep some bitter (low sugar), dark chocolate in your bag. It’s delish, will keep you going and yes, we’re suggesting it because we know it won’t even affect your waist line all that much.

wearing flats during lakme fashion week 2015 600x400


Stilettos are a big no-no unless you can work them à la Sarah Jessica Parker. But if you’re one who likes to be comfy yet stylish, ditch those heels for a pair of fringe flats or high tops. They work well with maxis, skirts and dresses.

selfie stick gadgets for lfw 2015 600x400


We’re slaves to gadgets. So give in to the latest trend and buy yourself that selfie stick. You’re going to be with a bunch of fashionistas and a group selfie is a must when you’re wearing your stylish best. It’s foldable so you can easily carry it in your bag.

bb cream looking good during lfw 2015 600x400


Your makeup is sure to wear off and you don’t want that happening at an event like this. Moreover, you may not have the time to use a heavy foundation every time you want a quick fix. Take our advice and opt for a performance proven BB cream instead.