To stay on top of your job game you need to ensure that it does not become your all. As important as your day job is to you, it is equally important to invest time and talent in a life beyond your 9 to 5 routine. And what better a way to do that than to give in to that personal passion or champion a cause that can enrich your life beyond work or creative satisfaction. Here is listing 7 recreational activities to indulge in…

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Cycling, much like a walk or jog in the park will help you on the health front and will also help you channelise your energy. If you can’t manage to cycle early in the morning, invest a couple of hours over the weekend and use it to get around, this way not only will you decrease your carbon foot print on the planet but also will benefit your health.

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Watch documentaries

It is amazing how much world there is to explore beyond our work and family lives. While reading is one way to open an all new world for yourself, documentaries on and around your area of interest or generally on world culture can expand your horizons beyond imagination. Invest a few hours every weekend in a documentary or two and you will find yourself significantly enlightened.

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When speaking of recreational activities, gardening is very highly spoken of. One, it takes you out and, well, it literally keeps your grounded. This one is possibly the most rewarding activity on many fronts. It is said to teach patience, adds to your home décor and will grow on you like the love of a pet.

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Learn a new dance form

Learning a dance form again serves more than one purpose, while you are learning a new trait, you are also exercising in the same go. This way you have mastered a new skill and gotten yourself in shape the fun way.

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Run a side business

Stream an income out of your hobby, this way you will inspire yourself to pursue your hobby regularly and turn it into a little business of your own as well. Photography, doodles, hand embroidery et al; whatever your area of interest may be, invest time in it.

You don’t necessarily have to have a physical store you can run an online shop or a websites and promote your work.

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Master a skill of your choice

If you already play an instrument, join a band and jam regularly. Knit, bake or join a pottery class and develop a skill that is worth the while. Develop a skill such that you will develop a hand art.

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Group activities

Join a community service and meet like-minded folks. Join a trek club or a weekend book club, join a language class or pursue a side degree, with a bunch of interesting people. But whatever it is that you choose to do, invest time in a creative activity with a social group of your liking so you have something to look forward to beyond work.

This way you will create a work life balance and keep yourself pre-occupied with creative doings.