You’re feeling good. Your relationship is going well and now you’re chewing your nails in anticipation. Where is the relationship heading? Will it go forward? Should it go forward? Well if your SO is a Cancerian, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Turns out, Cancerians have expectations not only from themselves but also from people they are close to. They are so caring that sometimes you can feel smothered. Cancerians are complicated souls with extraordinary imaginations. Sometimes thoughtful, sometimes arrogant, sometimes vulnerable and sometimes compassionate—it can be quite a muddle! Here are 8 things you need to know…

relationship with cancerian

  1. There is no place like home

    Cancerians love their homes. They’ve built them up selectively and lovingly piece by piece, so don’t venture into changing things too much. A movie date or a visit to an art gallery is fine, but a perfect date is one that involves staying in their comfort zone aka their room.

  2. Family always comes first

    There is no escaping it—Cancerians are absolutely family oriented and if it were possible they’d take their fam-jam everywhere they went.

    Pro tip: Meet the family of your SO, get a bit involved and you’ll find that there’s a new spark in your relationship.

  3. Constancy rules

    Just like Scorpio and Pisces, Cancerians are loyal to the core and expect complete faithfulness in return. They’ll make you the center of their universe and ensure that you know you mean the world to them. But one wrong move, and you’re in for big trouble.

  4. Moody and temperamental

    Cancer is a water sign and moodiness is their hallmark. Like the waxing and waning of the tides, they will have highs and lows. Learn when to leave them alone and don’t provoke them when you get an inkling of a ‘down’ mood. Watch out! Things can gravitate from ‘this is the best day ever’ to ‘I want to kill everybody!’ in a nano second!

need to know this things with cancerian

  1. Talking matters, take the lead

    Cancerians are not easy to get to know. They will never discuss their feelings unless you’re patient enough. To get them to let you in check for the right mood and gently coax them by sharing your own feelings. Then get ready for a tell-all sesh as they bare their soul. Be warned—things can get quite intense!

  2. The green eyed monster

    Cancerians are suspicious by nature and jealousy comes naturally to them. They have really long memories and do not forgive or forget easily. So, take extra precautions when talking about your ex! Remember comparisons are a strict no-no!

cancerians are traditional

  1. Big on the mush

    Cancerians are traditional, die-hard romantics. So expect a lot of PDA and cuddling because these guys really know how to lay on the mush!

  2. Emotional connect

    Cancerians are great lovers and that is because it is not just a physical connection they need but an emotional one too! So expect a lot of wining and dining accompanied by long, never-ending banter.

So now that you are equipped to deal with the thoughtful and sensitive Cancerians, make an informed decision. Cancerians will always put you before anything else, something that makes them the perfect partners for the long ride!