Riverdale Is Back And Here’s What You Can Expect From The All New Season

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurOct 17, 2017

If, like most of us, you grew up reading Archie comics, we’re sure Riverdale as a series intrigued you when it came out last year. Riverdale is a series where our favourite characters Archie, Betty, Jughead and Veronica come to life, but with a dark twist. A dramatized version of the town that has a dark past of murders and killers? Sign me up! Riverdale has a massive fan following thanks to the super attractive cast and an extremely interesting mystery/thriller storyline that has us on the edge of our seats. After a successful first season where the Riverdale kids solved the mysterious murder of Jason Blossom, the captain of the Riverdale bulldogs, we can only wonder what they’re going to be up to this season!

Spoilers ahead… (read at your own risk)

Riverdale Season 1 ended with a cliffhanger, the obvious perfect formula to have fans in suspense, and possibly making up theories on Reddit. It was quite a frightening moment when our beloved Archie’s dad, Fred, was shot by a masked gunman. Cut to season two, the first episode of which dropped just a few days ago, started with Jug narrating the incident.

Here’s what you can expect from the CW’s hit show Riverdale’s all new season!


More Darkness


If dark and twisted is how you roll, you’re in for a treat this season cause it’s going to get darker than ever! What else can you expect from a season that had a first episode that started with a shootout and ended with a murder?


More episodes


Let us rephrase, this is not what you can expect, as it’s confirmed! This season seems to have so many plots mixed up and intertwined like a maze, a longer timeline had to be the answer to the show makers wanting to pull off a successful season! So, unlike the last season, this season Riverdale will feature 22 episodes instead of 13! Are you jumping in excitement already? Cause we definitely are!




Who doesn’t love the show couple Betty and Jughead who are also now Hollywood’s IT couple IRL. (Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart) But things aren’t looking all that good on the #Bughead front, we hear. Vanessa Morgan will be joining the show as the South-side Serpent’s first girl gang member and with Jughead actively embracing the serpent lifestyle by following in his daddy’s footsteps, we can only keep our fingers crossed for the two of them.


What’s Cheryl upto?


If you’re aware of the horrors inflicted upon Cheryl by her mum, you will also know that Cheryl (being Cheryl)is not going to stop at just setting places (and people) ablaze. Her character is definitely getting darker than the lipstick she wears, so expect her to attain a whole new level of crazy this season! Cheryl is Riverdale’s Regina George and we can’t wait to see more of her this season.




According to EW, this season’s storyline will also have Veronica’s ex boyfriend visiting Riverdale all the way from NYC. Although just for two episodes, we only wonder what his ulterior motive is? Will #Varchie survive through this sudden scandalous visit of the ex? We know that Archie and Veronica have started strong in the season thanks to the steamy shower scene, but will they make it?

Just one episode into the season, there’s so much to expect that we can’t even keep track. You can catch the season on Netflix!

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