Are You Ready To Take A Holiday With Your Boyfriend?

Written by Sanjana PalecandaOct 10, 2018
Are you ready to take a holiday with your boyfriend?

Ladies, if you’ve been in a steady relationship for a while now, and although things are going well, you can’t help but wonder… what next?!

Perhaps, a holiday with your S.O. is just what you need to take things to the next level. Now, holidays are all about relaxing and letting loose, but when you’re travelling with your partner, it serves a much greater purpose.

If this is your first holiday together, then this trip is going to be a strong contributor to the very foundation of your relationship. So, you need to do everything in your power to make sure it’s nothing short of perfect. You might question, if a holiday with your boyfriend is a good idea, especially so early in your relationship. Well, we not only suggest it, we insist on it.

Spending some quality time together, away from your everyday lives, will not only bring the two of you closer, it will also give you the opportunity get to know each other’s intricate habits and qualities that might not be so evident when you simply just step out for dinner or a movie. A trip together not only strengthens your bond, it also brings to light any red flags that you should know about before you get too invested.

Before taking a holiday with your boyfriend, here’s a couple of things to keep in mind…


1. Plan fun activities together—something you’ve never done

7. This is the ultimate test of your comfort level with each other…so be prepared.

No matter how good a conversationalist either of you is, there’s always a risk of running out of things to talk about. So play it safe by having a rough itinerary. We’re not saying plan things by the hour, if anything refrain from being the control freak with a checklist. But do plan some fun activities together to make the trip memorable. It could be a romantic walk through the city, a nice leisurely swim, some adventure sports if you're both adrenaline junkies, or maybe just stay in, call for room service and watch a movie together. The idea is to take back beautiful memories…. doesn’t really matter how or where you do it.

2. Make sure the trip is not too short but not too long either

If it’s your first trip together, you need to make sure you have enough days to get to know each other well…or what’s the point. However make sure it’s not too long a trip either because you run the risk of running out of things to do and talk about. And you simply do not want this trip to become a boring drag. Three to five days is usually an ideal vacay for first timers.


3. Choose a destination that both of you would like to visit.

7. This is the ultimate test of your comfort level with each other…so be prepared.

If the two of you have contradictory interests, it’s possible that there might be some friction while deciding where to go. But remember, every relationship requires some amount of compromise, so you need to find middle ground and pick a place you’d both be happy to visit. Also, try to pick a place that neither of you have been to before, so it can something you both explore together.

4. Make spontaneous romantic gestures

Now, we’re not asking you to bend the knee and put a ring on it. That’ll just send your partner running for the hills. We’re taking about cute little gestures like romantic dinners, buying each other little presents or maybe just a picnic on the beach with some wine and pizza. These little memories will definitely bring the two of you closer and take your budding relationship a long way.


5. Try to squeeze in some alone time as well…it’s important!

7. This is the ultimate test of your comfort level with each other…so be prepared.

We’re not saying spend an entire day apart (especially if it’s just a short getaway); that would just kill the whole purpose of the trip. All we’re saying is that after spending a fair bit of time together, both you and your partner might need some alone time to rejuvenate and gather your thoughts. So take a couple of hours…go for a nice morning stroll while your partner sleeps in, or read a book by the pool while he hits the gym. We promise you’ll come back to each other much happier and with a new found energy to spend the rest of the day together.

6. Watch out for those annoying habits — both his and yours!

While a holiday with your S.O. is going to bring you both closer emotionally, it’s also going to reveal those little bad habits you've kept hidden away so far. When you’re living with someone, you no longer get to behave like you own the place…you need to be considerate about your partner’s comfort too. A classic example of this would be tidiness. You simply can't throw your stuff around and leave the room a mess. You need to be organised! Also, remember to travel light…only pack what you need. Don’t create a situation where your partner has to end up carrying half your luggage. Although, he may be courteous enough to offer, you need to remember that he’s your boyfriend…not your BELLBOY!


7. This is the ultimate test of your comfort level with each other…so be prepared.

7. This is the ultimate test of your comfort level with each other…so be prepared.

Living together means, letting your partner see the real you — the way you eat, sleep, breathe…everything! If you snore at night he’ll know, if you snort while you laugh, he’ll notice. The biggest challenge for girls is sharing the bathroom…it can be weird to pee or do your business knowing your boyfriend’s sitting out there and can probably hear you. But this is what the real test is…you’re both grown adults and you need to be comfortable enough with each other to get past these little insecurities.

8. Stay away from your phone

This is the cardinal rule of taking a trip with your SO. The whole idea of this trip is to get away from the rest of the world and spend some time together. While it might be tempting to check social media every now and then, try to refrain from it. And if you’re simply too much of a cell phone addict, try to involve your partner while scrolling down your Insta feed…you might just stumble upon an interesting conversation starter.

So go ahead and enjoy your time with your SO. Remember to keep both your mind and your eyes open so that while you explore this new experience, you also don't miss out on those red flags, if any.

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