The 4 Unrealistic #Relationshipgoals You Shouldn't Believe In

Written by Shreya ContractorOct 10, 2018
The 4 unrealistic #RelationshipGoals  you shouldn't believe in
When it comes to relationships, nothing spoils the picture quite like reality. Well, don’t blame us. Blame the movies we watch and the Instagram accounts we stalk that paint such pretty (filtered) pictures, they take us away from reality. So in order to bring you back, we’re just going to poke your bubble a little, not burst it, because even though being in love is the greatest and the best damn thing in the world yada yada, being in touch with reality will save you from disappointments later.

Having matching tattoos

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Yes, you’re both in love and can’t have enough of each other, but matching tattoos aren’t the way to set relationship goals. There’s actually another term for them, territorializing, which kind of borders on crazy girlfriend.


Celebrating relationship anniversaries

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Been together 8 years? That’s a nice long commitment but you’d rather save it for after marriage, because that’s what marriages are for. Up until then, each year that you two complete together is a year less of singledom.


Owning swanky things

Perfect sunbathing pictures

The notion of a ‘perfect’ looking couple, owning fancy homes and riding swanky cars, is not only against the law of attraction but is also a little boring. On a more practical note, odds are one of you is broke and the other one’s a little out of your league. So what? Opposites attract.


Perfect sunbathing pictures

Perfect sunbathing pictures

Unless you’re both models or take fitness very seriously, this relationship goal is slightly farfetched. Chances are he likes that little paunch of yours and you don’t mind his no-pack abs. It’s okay, it’s real.

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