Sure, boys have their place in our lives. But you can’t deny the fact that there’s nothing better than a sleepover with your girlfriends! From uncontrollable laughter to way too much gossip, a pyjama party with the girls is so much fun. Want to know all the unique ways in which you can spice up your ladies night? Read on!

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Homemade facial session

As girls, we hold beauty rather close to our heart. And what better way to celebrate a sleep over than try out different face packs. You’ll always have that one friend who knows more, so it might just be a great idea to learn the latest beauty tricks from her. So just get all your natural ingredients in place and whip up some super cooling face masks and packs that’ll enhance your skin and make you feel gorgeous. Oh and girls, don’t forget to click a selfie while you’re at it!

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Call a masseuse

Aiming for a relaxing time with your girl friends? Call a masseuse! She’s going to ensure you get that soothing massage as you chat with your girls over macarons and cupcakes. Remember that this night is not about feeling fat or worrying about things—just go all out to ensure that you feel amazing on this special day with your best friends. So we strongly suggest you call a masseuse to make this a good night.

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Make cocktails

A sleepover without alcohol? So incomplete! The perfect way to spice things up on a sleepover is to try out various cocktails. If you want things more organized ask each girl to get the recipe of a cocktail so you can have a blast making these yummy drinks. So let the alcohol flow, drink it up and have one helluva memorable night.

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The no-holds-barred gossip session

When it’s a girl’s night out, it means coming clean on all the crazy things you’ve done. Of course, the effect of cocktails is going to play a part in this. Also remember that your girls are not here to judge so you can, without a thought, get out all the funny, embarrassing, wild things stories of your life to the fore without fearing any eyebrows being raised. Oh and if you want to exchange goss, there’s no better night than this one. Does this have you excited or what!