If there is one way we like to waste our time, it’s on Pinterest, because we firmly feel that time wasted on the infinite scroll of all things pretty is time well-wasted. Our list of excuses for spending endless hours on the image portal are as legitimate as they come—from Pinterest springing in new ideas to it being a cost-free therapy option, We suspect we might just be serious pinholics. But instead of dwelling on the terrifying side-effects of that condition we thought we’d take a more productive route and bring you our favourite Pinterest DIYs. Get inspired by the creativity because it’s time to get crafty.
most fun diys on pinterest bookmark charm 430x550

Bookmark Charms

Do you have a box of old trinkets that hardly see the light of day? Recycle your old Colaba Causeway baubles onto strands of fine satin ribbon to make for the cutest bookmark charms. Love that idea or been there, pinned that?

most fun diys on pinterest floral ice cubes 430x550

Floral Ice Cubes

Get crafty for girls night this week—go to your local florist and pick up small greens, bright buds, stalks of lavender, basically anything pretty, colourful and small. Wash the flowers and drop a bud each into an ice-cube tray waiting to set. Once the ice sets, you’ve got yourself a beautiful tray of floral ice cubes. And, this is why we pin.

most fun diys on pinterest party animal candle 430x550

Gold Party Animal Candles

If you still have your stack of little rubber and plastic animal toys, now is the perfect time to get them out. Spray paint the little creatures gold, stick on a candle groove, put in a birthday candle and you’ve got yourself a set of classy, glitzy, gold birthday candles.

most fun diys on pinterest light bulb vases 430x550

Light Bulb Vases

This is an easy and beautiful way for you to showcase your blooms. Unscrew the top of a used bulb, pour in some water and artistically arrange some pretty stalk of flowers.

most fun diys on pinterest mason jar lid coasters 430x550

Mason-Jar Lid Coasters

You can start off by spray painting the lids of the colour of your choice (seen here: red), line the used jar lids with thin sheets of cork, find a stamp that speaks to you and voilà, you’ve got yourself a fun, personalised set of coasters.

most fun diys on pinterest newspaper nails 430x550

Newspaper Nails

Keep calm and pin on! We absolutely love the literary artistic vibe these nails give off. To get the look, start off with dry white nails and then soak your nails in alcohol for a few seconds. Next up, grab the headline you want to flaunt on your talons and place the print side down on your nails. Gently rub onto your nail but try not to shift the paper, peel away the newspaper and finish off with a top coat.

most fun diys on pinterest orange peel candles 430x550

Orange Peel Candle

Craft of the day: Orange Peel Candle. All you need is an orange, a knife and some oil. Cut the orange in half carefully and remove the fruit keeping the stem intact (this will become your wick). Pour oil into the orange peel, light the top of the stem and enjoy the aroma of fresh citrus.

most fun diys on pinterest tennisracket mirrors 430x550

Tennis Racket Mirrors

To give your abode a fabulous retro makeover, we suggest you convert your old tennis racquets into tennis racquet mirrors! Just take your racquets to a glass shop and ask them to custom-cut a mirror that fits into the rim and hang onto your walls.