Someone smart once said that you have to date a whole lot of Volkswagens before you get to your Porsche, and while this good, bad and ugly is a process we aren’t entirely enthusiastic about, dating those Volkswagens of boyfriends is a journey enjoyed by most, albeit retrospectively. As time moves on though, some of our inclinations in terms of dating have become freakishly outdated. What seemed to work in that race to the Porsche when you started out suddenly seems redundant and plain silly, no? Today at BeBEAUTIFUL, we’re reinventing the rules of dating so you can get out of your blues and get on with it. Vrooooom!

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Don’t play hard to get—play hard to forget

Maybe our ego is just on more of an unstoppable rise than any past generation but when someone in this day plays hard to get there is only one sensible way to respond: move on. Encouragement through disinterest is a sentiment that needs to be discarded, the earlier the better. Instead of being so calculative of your emotions and losing a potential partner to a realm of insecurity, laugh a little, joke a little, and show interest when it’s genuine because being true to your feelings will take you a lot further than a cold shoulder ever will.

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You don’t have enough time to waste it

Tick-tock, tick-tock goes the clock! In a city where everyone is demanding your time and information is accessible to you on a second-to-second basis, neither you nor he has the privilege of wasting your time—quit the Ping-Pong game and get straight to the point. Playing coy is going to get you nowhere. If he’s taking too long to get back to you, there’s plenty more distraction waiting to grab your attention. If you want something there is only one thing to do—go and get it, it doesn’t make you weak or needy or desperate, in fact it makes you confident, sure and empowered.

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Get out there—and we’re talking online

Ladies, don’t be afraid to put yourselves out there on the online space, it will only work for your benefit. Whether it’s online dating, meeting and interacting with people on social media or simply making yourself available on the online space, don’t be afraid to take risks, flaunt your accomplishments and be proactive. You’re going to get nothing accomplished by signing offline every time you spot your crush online—it’s not intriguing, it’s just boring. Be there, be alert and be ready to dive in.