Want a unique wedding that looks absolutely breathtaking? Opt for one by the pool. From doing the décor with floating flowers to opting for a fruity cake, there’s so much you can do to have the perfect summer wedding by the pool. We give you 4 ideas that are sure to jazz up your poolside wedding.

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Opt for floating flowers

There are endless things you can do for a wedding by the pool. One of the prettiest ways to dress up a wedding like this is by adding some flowers to the pool. It’s going to be an instant eye-catcher and is sure to pretty up your surroundings. Oh and while you’re at it, make sure you choose colourful flowers because what’s a summer pool wedding without a pop of colour, right?

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Choose the right lights

Lighting is of utmost importance, especially at a pool wedding. Try and place your lighting in such a way that it reflects directly onto the water as the sun goes down. When the lanterns reflect on the pool, it’s going to make an unforgettable sight after all!

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Keep it traditional yet light

Yes, we know it’s your big day and you’re going to leave no stone unturned in looking your best. But when you opt for a pool wedding, it makes things more cool and fun than serious and ritualistic. So when choosing a lehenga, opt for one that’ll help you enjoy a unique wedding by the pool. Don’t go for jarring embroidery or over embellished ensembles that make you uncomfortable, especially in summer. While a bridal look is incomplete without appropriate jewellery, remember to keep it subtle because a poolside wedding means it’s going to be rather hot to have too much on you.

Photo courtesy: The Anita Dongre bridal collection

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Go for the fruity wedding cake

What’s a summer wedding without a fruity wedding cake? While ordering your cake, make sure you ask the bakers for several fruity options because this one will be a refreshing dessert for the guests, especially in this season.