School days sans the overdose of romantic novels or “classics” as we called them can feel rather incomplete. If you, like us, spent a large part of your teenage years fantasising about the most charming men from all those dreamy classics, there’s no doubt that you romanticized about at least one of them (if not three.)  But, before you jump the gun and blurt out why Mr.Darcy won hands down, let us run you through the contenders, a page from whose books we wish our gentlemen of today could take.

3 of literatures most romantic leading men pride and prejudice 430x550

Literary heroes are timeless; they never age or lose their looks. And if there is someone who tops the list for us, like we mentioned before, it’s got to be Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy from Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’. Of course he’s conceited and haughty at first, but the deliciously broody character with the guts to defy tradition and societal pressure catches the fancy of every Jane Austen (female) fan. Not to mention his stoic choice of words (can the men of today even attempt to speak like that?) and chauvinism remains unmatched by any other literary hero today.

literatures most romantic leading men jane eyre 430x550

The not-so-oft travelled roads lead to rather mysterious and interesting doors. And if we were to hand to Charlotte Brontë’s Edward Rochester it’s have to be thanks to his deep, dark side. Not all heroes have to be charming and cute to win the attention of women, and the male lead in ‘Jane Eyre’, proves just that. Despite his high-handed and almost brutal behaviour, his brave struggle and chase for his true love (and eventual wife) wins every reader’s heart. Just the way it is painted in the books, his grim looks, forever steadfast brows and resoluteness get him a spot in our list.

literatures most romantic leading men wuthering heights 430x550

Good girls always fall for the bad guys. And who better than Emily Brontë’s Heathcliff to show us why. Although our ‘Wuthering Heights’ hero will never, ever find place in the gentlemen’s club or even score (any) points for charm of chivalry, we have to admit that there is something rather appealing about this orphaned, crass “servant” and his rage-filled heart. Over and above his gypsy vibe (since we’re in 2015 now ) and classic broody behaviour, his undying love for Catherine will lure you towards this ill-mannered hero.