How To Throw A Diwali Party On A Budget

Written by Mallika SetalvadMar 11, 2019
How to throw a Diwali Party on A Budget
Over the years, our favourite ‘Festival of Lights’ has also become the festival of parties, poker, fusion Indian wear and of course, mouthwatering food. But what’s Diwali without a huddle with your best pals and extended family? If you plan to play host this year then keep reading because we’ve put together some great tips on how to throw a super Diwali party without burning a hole in your pocket…

tips to throw diwali party on budget

  • Start with a Number

    As you make the guest list, try to remember that an intimate number always leads to a more memorable occasion. ‘More the merrier’ works only for splurgers, so make sure you limit the number of guests to those who are truly dear and special.

tips to throw diwali party on budget

  • DIY Décor

    As your favourite go-to companions Google and Pinterest will tell you, there are multiple ways to create gorgeous décor pieces with cost-effective everyday items like coloured paper, paints, string, etc. So don’t waste money on flowers and try to make Diwali paper lanterns instead. Create a rangoli with coloured pieces of paper (mosaic effect) or glitter powder and watch your guests gush with compliments. Adorn a part of your home with fairy-lights to give a nice glow of light, or if you have nice lamps then try covering them with a bandhni-printed fabric for a festive touch.

tips to throw diwali party on budget

  • More starters, lesser mains…

    Between playing cards and schmoozing, people prefer finger foods. Keep the starters flowing and no-one will miss the main course. These can be a mix of hot and cold (think of the pre-prep) so ideally some cheeses/ fruits/ dips/ chips and kebabs is a good combination. Be innovative with how you present these so they look fancy but easy (and cheap) to put together. For example, cut a few fruits into cube-sized pieces and put them threw a skewer to make it easy to pick up and nibble. (You could also add a ready-made chocolate dip on the side and turn it into a fruit fondue). If it’s a small intimate crowd, then you could ask each friend to bring an appetizer and have a nice mix of different finger-foods, without breaking the bank.

    For the mains stick to one big dish like biryani rather than multiple options that call for a more elaborate spread. To add that Diwali sweet touch, avoid the fancy mithais that contain dry fruits and serve a platter of laddoos or pedas instead. You could also add to these with a variety of chocolates (and a few healthy treats like homemade sheera or khajur-based mithai if you’re expecting any health-conscious guests).

tips to throw diwali party on budget

  • Use and Throw

    Save yourself that initial panic after making your list. That flashing thought, “where am I going to get 20+ glasses and plates?” will make you stress about your budget right at the outset. Your best option for a budget Diwali party is to utilize paper or bamboo or eco-friendly plates and glasses that you can dispose off easily. If you prefer using glass then look at renting the number of plates or glasses you need rather than buying new sets that you will never use.

    So there you have it… the festive season is here and it’s time to start planning! Throwing a Diwali party doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive, and once you start we guarantee you’ll want to host one every year!

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