8 Tips To Plan The Perfect Honeymoon

Written by Scherazade PatelOct 26, 2017
8 Tips to plan the perfect honeymoon
It's finally happening! Your prince charming has gone down on one knee. Your big day's all planned and prepared with the aunties, uncles, 'bhaiyas' and 'bhabhis' having lined up to give you all the advice you need, and your wedding trousseau looks like it's spun from stardust; but as you kick back and heave a sigh of relief, hold on for just a sec! There's still work to be done when it comes to planning the honeymoon! Confused? Exhausted? Worry not. Let's get you ready with these eight simple tips…

Timing and Budgeting

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Plan your honeymoon in such a way that you're able to avail discounted and off-season prices and packages for your favorite destinations. This will not only give you some much-needed privacy, but also get you some fabulous deals for food and stay. That luxurious spa resort you had your eye on is now within reach! And no, you don't need to leave right after the wedding. Getting post-wedding commitments out of the way will ensure you have a more relaxed vacation together.



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Next on your list, is how best to commute to, from, and most importantly, during your honeymoon. You don't want to end up worrying about how to get around. Take the help of your travel agent, use your frequent-flier miles and travel credit cards to avail cost benefits, and book all bus/train tickets well in advance to avoid finding your name on much-hated wait-lists.


Share and Conquer

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Most women feel the need to plan almost important events like weddings and honeymoons entirely on their own. But it doesn't have to be so. Discuss things with your partner and request him to take on half the responsibility—it's his honeymoon too! Make separate to-do lists so both of you only have a part of the whole to handle. This makes for seamless, relaxed planning.


The Destination

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We all have that list of places we've always wanted to visit, and our souls crave the enriching experiences these exotic locales offer. But honeymoons are different. They need to be just the right amount of fun and intimacy, peppered with a dash of adventure. Plan your dream destination keeping each other's likes and dislikes in mind. Traveling to less-frequented locales will offer more of a chance to become one with the place. Also be sure to take seasons into account. Extreme weather conditions will put a damper on your trip and your mood.


The Itinerary

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Yes, a honeymoon only comes along once in a lifetime and you want to make the most of it. That said, stop yourself from 'stuffing' those blissful days with strict schedules. It's a vacation, a time dedicated to the two of you; not army camp. Plan activities and sight-seeing at a comfortable pace, and see to it that you get enough time to rest as well. Re-confirm all bookings and reservations well in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises at the last minute.



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This can't be stressed enough. It's imperative that adequate research is done on the places you wish to visit. For instance, you may need to learn simple words and phrases from the regional language to facilitate easy communication with the locals. Familiarizing yourself with local customs and traditions is another important factor to prevent yourself from accidentally offending people. You would also need to know more about your destination so you can pack appropriately.



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At the risk of sounding generic be sure to gather and double-check all necessary documents such as passports, traveler's cheques, tickets, identification, etc. Your trip isn't possible without these. Allow sufficient time to get documents like passports and visas in order, in case you don't have them. Carry a few travel books to refer to on the trip.


Traveling Light

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Whew! This one won't be easy. Packing too much stuff will only drag and slow you down. In foreign cities, local transport like taxis can be expensive and you may prefer to walk short distances. Nature and adventure destinations may include trekking, climbing, etc. When travelling by airplane, there are restrictions on luggage weight, and don't forget, you need space in those bags to bring back all your shopping! Pack only what's needed, such as clothes, toiletries, footwear and gadgets. Also, be sure to keep a first aid box handy with bandages, anti-septic cream, and any medicines you regularly take.

So there you have it. Eight tips to help you plan the perfect, fairytale honeymoon. Have a great time. Bon Voyage!

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