Blind dating is a tricky space to be in, no doubt. But if you don’t let little bit of awkwardness get in the way, blind dating is as thrilling a thought as they come. Yet somehow, something always goes disastrously wrong. You have no idea what to expect, but whatever it is, it is something you have to endure for the rest of the evening. So, why not make the most of it? Today we’re bringing you a set of fabulous tips for a perfect blind date experience.

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Let’s start off by defining what constitutes a blind date. A blind date, simply put is when you don’t know the person that you’re going to meet. In the social media age, however, this becomes hard because even if you don’t know them, really—you know enough. Still, staying true to the sentiment of the idea—you have never met this person or spoke to them prior to this meeting.

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The most important thing to remember while blind dating is concerned is that it is equally awkward for both of you! Don’t kid yourself into thinking that he is completely at ease with the situation at hand. Rather, comfort yourself with the fact that he is just as squirmy as you are and that will allow you to go with the flow.

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Keep your goals for the night simple. Don’t think too far ahead. Don’t plan for the future. Don’t spend most of your time building up your exit strategy. Instead keep one simple goal in mind and work towards that. All you need to think about is making happy conversation. Because if you manage to achieve that, then no matter where the relationship goes—it’ll be worth it.

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Be genuine, be warm—right from the get go. If you manage to put your blind date at ease, you’ve just cut the awkwardness quotient by leaps. You’ll both be relaxed and happy in each other’s company within moments of meeting each other.

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What not to do: don’t be rude, don’t stand your date up, don’t be fake, don’t walk away and most importantly don’t be overtly sexual. Instead dress smart, be open to conversation and speak your mind at the end of the date so you don’t leave him in a realm of suspense. If you enjoyed the date and want to him again, express that so the both of you can make it happen. If you didn’t, express that too so you don’t feel pestered and he confused.