Which Of These Workplace Distractions Are You Guilty Of?

Written by Team BBSep 09, 2016
Are you always complaining about not being able to finish work on time? The reason could be that you’re giving your valued time away to certain unnecessary tasks. We list down activities that might be eating into your work time. Which of these are you guilty of?

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Social networking websites

We know you deserve a short break from constant work, but logging onto social media websites can be addictive. From stalking people on Facebook to reading tweets and those fashion and food-related Instagram posts is all going to take so much of your time, and before you realise it, the day has gone by without adhering to deadlines. If you’ve been working overtime, it could be because you’ve spent your day browsing through social networking websites and are now struggling to finish the work you should’ve completed.

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Being on the phone

A constant exchange of texts and talking on the phone can affect your work to a great extent. When you get a call from a friend, you instantly disconnect from work and only return to realise that you’ve lost your thread of thought, wasting a good amount of time in which you try to re-focus.

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There’s no doubt about the fact that the atmosphere at any office can stimulate gossip. But gossiping at work and wasting time over unnecessary talk can be hazardous to productivity. Instead, finish the task you’ve been given and let your work do the talking—but that can only happen if you don’t spend time indulging in pointless conversations during work hours.

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Shopping online

In this day and age, we’re almost always found browsing on shopping websites for our favourite products and deals. Remember that shopping online always entails the selection of one or more things from several options, and you invariably spend a good amount of time taking a call on which product(s) you want. When employees shop during work hours, it puts a stop to the task that they’ve been employed for. So be true to your work and leave shopping time for the weekend!

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