You Know You’re A True Bollywood Lover When…

Written by Chandni GhoshAug 19, 2015
Bollywood lovers, we know you’ve done the unthinkable to prove your love for Hindi cinema. From waiting outside stars’ homes for hours to mouthing dialogues in front of the mirror and even purchasing an outfit to look like your favourite actress—a true B-town fan does everything, unapologetically. Want to know what else makes you a Bollywood lover? Read on.

you have lost count of how many dance moves you have aped 408x215

You’re ready for a competition when someone tells you they love Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

You can’t take Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge out of the Bollywood lover. So when someone says they love DDLJ frivolously around you, it means you’ve entered a competition and graced a Game Of Thrones like war scene in your head right then. The person on the other end doesn’t want to mess with you ‘coz a Dilwale fan can leave you ashamed and appalled with his/her knowledge on the film. For one, “Chhoti chhoti shehron mein, badi badi baatein hoti rehti hain” has been your favourite dialogue forever, you’re also the person who randomly mouths ‘jaa simran jee le apni zindagi’ unfazed by the stares coming your way and oh, the world may give you many on- screen pairs but nothing will replace the love you have for the Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol pairing.

you have lost count of how many dance moves you have aped 408x215

You’ve said “Main apni favourite hoon” 10,000,000 times

Yes, we’ve matured with time but back when Jab We Met released, everyone you met was trying to be Geet played by our fave’ Kareena Kapoor Khan. After all, her chirpy nature and carefree attitude would’ve made even the coyest of girls want to be her. But more importantly, if you’re a true Bollywood fan, chances are that in a conversation you’ve proudly stated “Main apni favourite hoon” like it was an involuntary function in your body. Of course, you’ve got strange looks coming your way from your friends on the other side but hey, nobody messes with a Bebo fan, right?

you have lost count of how many dance moves you have aped 408x215

You’ve felt like Sridevi while dancing in the rain

Call us Bollywood crazy but every time it rains, we turn into Sridevi from Mr. India. Never mind that we don’t have the adaa, the sari or the moves to do a “Kaante nahin kattey” but rain dance sessions totally have our minds clouded with Sri’s sensual avatar from the song.

you have lost count of how many dance moves you have aped 408x215

You’re constantly watching reruns of Koffee With Karan

If you’re a Bollywood fan, you know that nothing can replace a show like Koffee With Karan for you. This means once it gets over, your life comes to a standstill and no matter how many new shows you hear of, you know your best source of entertainment will return only next year. So to keep yourself from writing bloody letters to KJo, you spend time on YouTube watching reruns of your favourite episodes– from the one where Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone’s only topic of discussion was Ranbir Kapoor to the one where Salman Khan made us giggle like a 10-year-old when he stated he’s a virgin and the one where SRK and Kajol created magic on the couch. For you, KWK beats Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon and everyone else.

you have lost count of how many dance moves you have aped 408x215

You won’t admit it but you love dancing to Honey Singh songs

Yes, you’ve had those moments where you’re having a conversation at a dinner table and you say how you’re so fed up of Yo Yo Honey Singh’s gibberish lyrics. Cut to a party and you’re in full Honey Singh fan mode—you’re crooning “Chaar bottle vodka” like you wrote the song and you’re swaying like Honey taught you how to dance. Let’s admit it, peeps—this dude brings out the Bollywood lover in us.

you have lost count of how many dance moves you have aped 408x215

You’ve lost count of how many dance moves you’ve aped

If you’re a Bollywood lover, dancing is your thing ‘coz remember how they ace the ‘dancing around trees’ thing here, right? From trying out Govinda’s not-so-graceful dance moves when no one’s watching to aping Karisma Kapoor’s expression of rage and jealously when the Dance Of Envy song plays—you’ve nailed it all. Don’t lie but some of you even joined Shiamak Davar’s Dance Institute hoping he’d teach you to dance like a star someday!

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