We've seen celebs grace us with their flawless beauty looks on the red carpet this year, and we've seen all the beauty trends from the runway too. The only thing left to do? Figure out what stays for fall 2021, of course! As the season's change and we switch to fall, we've realised that there's so many beauty trends to choose from, and so little time. That's why we've rounded up the fall 2021 beauty trends we can't get enough of RN; scroll on ahead, and bookmark these for later!


1. Blush-draping

01. Blush-draping

We've had the reign of contour and highlighter — fall 2021 beauty trends are all about the comeback of the humble blush, as the main character this time. Blush-draping is the art of applying blush all over the centre area of your face, including your nose, cheekbones, and even the places where you apply your contour. Welcome fall with a nice, rosy glow already!


2. Graphic eyes

02. Graphic eyes

Image courtesy: @patrickta

If we had a rupee for every time someone recommended graphic eyes to us, we'd be super rich — but as always, there's a lot of truth to the hype. Whether you're into wild graphic eyeliners, or basically believe that your eyes are a canvas for your inner artist to let loose, graphic eyes are clear winners through and through.


3. Barely-there base

03. Barely-there base

A full-matte face has had its moment in the sun, and the past couple of years have been all about glow-y, dewy bases. If you're looking to strike a balance between the two while looking au naturel, let us gently nudge you in the direction of the barely-there base. A soft, natural base that's got the natural glow that comes with dewy makeup, along with the softness of a matte, this one's all about keeping it lowkey.


4. Monochrome madness

04. Monochrome madness

Image courtesy: @camila_cabello

Whether you're inclined towards your peachy-pinks, or have a penchant for terracottas and browns, we've got some good news for you. Make one colour your entire makeup personality since this fall, we're all about that monochrome madness. Your lids, your lips, your cheeks, and even your ears in some cases — nothing is safe!


5. Feathered brows

05. Feathered brows

Image courtesy: @lilyjcollins

Remember when everyone wanted those super-sculpted Instagram-ready brows in 2016? Yeah, we've come a long way from that. 2021 fall beauty trends are all about feathered, fluffy brows that have been brushed up with a bar of soap. So much dimension, such little effort!