4 Reasons To Include A Cuticle Oil In Your Beauty Routine Stat

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
4 reasons to include a cuticle oil in your beauty routine STAT

When it comes to caring for your nails and ensuring that they remain strong and healthy, you need to have one product handy for sure – a bottle of cuticle oil. Using cuticle oil regularly could help deal with issues like brittle nails, dry and peeling cuticle or even split nails, quite effectively.

Cuticle oil is a magic potion, which lends your nails a superior level of protection and keeps them looking healthy and nourished. And the benefits don’t simply end there. In this article, we walk you through all the reasons why using a cuticle oil in your beauty routine will completely transform your nail game in a matter of weeks.


01. Repairs damaged nails

04.  Prevents chipping

Nail damage happens because of constantly getting acrylic nails, keeping the nail polish on forever, biting your nails, and so on. This can make your nails really brittle. But gently massaging a bit of cuticle oil on your nails at least once a day (preferably before bed) helps improve blood circulation and quickly repairs nail damage.


02. Moisturises dry cuticles

04.  Prevents chipping

Cuticle oil is usually a blend of nourishing oils that help moisturise dry and damaged cuticles. Dry and damaged cuticles allow your nails and the skin around it to become easily exposed to pollutants and impurities, thereby increasing the chances of broken nails. The best way to prevent dry nails is to apply a drop or two of cuticle oil every time you wash your hands and then seal it in with a hand and nail cream such as the Dove Coconut Hand Cream.


03. Aids in rapid nail growth

04.  Prevents chipping

Since cuticle oil is an incredible blend of vegetable oils and vitamins, it does a very good job of improving blood circulation and increasing cell turnover in the area. This helps quickly repair the damage, thereby boosting your nail growth.


04. Prevents chipping

04.  Prevents chipping

Thanks to the improved blood circulation, cuticle oil also plays a vital role in strengthening your nails. It adds a lot of shine and lustre to your natural nails and prevents them from chipping. Pair your cuticle oil with a coat of nail hardener to increase its efficacy and say goodbye to brittle nails once and for all.

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