5 aloe vera beauty hacks for healthy skin

Written by Tashika TyagiJun 18, 2021

If there is anything we have learnt over the last year, it has to be patience, the serenity of working from home and the unbelievable beauty benefits of supplies from our kitchens and gardens! Continuing the trend of looking inward, we are here to enlighten you about a magical plant in your home that you usually tend to ignore but will be your new BFF if you let it— Aloe vera. Scroll on to know how this species of succulent is everything you need for healthy skin and hair.

1. To get rid of acne

Whoever said that acne is a teenage issue surely doesn’t know about post-adolescent acne. While a random pimple popping on your foreheads is still bearable, acne is simply the bane of our lives. Our new friend aloe vera, however, comes in handy in this situation. Aloe vera has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce skin inflammation caused due to acne. So, apply the aloe vera gel on the acne-affected area regularly to see some wonders.

2. To depuff your eyes

While you’ll have to deal with stress and sleep deprivation on your own, when it comes to puffy eyes, we’ve got a solution right here. Right before you hit the bed, apply a generous amount of aloe vera gel under your eyes and just lay back and sleep. Let the gel rest overnight and do its magic. Wash your face with cold water the next day, and you’ll see the results right away.

3. To moisturise the skin

Since aloe vera is made up of 95% water, it works wonders to moisturise the skin — minus the grease! It locks moisture into the skin and is suitable for all skin types. If you can’t get your hands on aloe vera gel easily, try out Lakmé 9to5 Naturale Day Crème SPF 20. The lightweight cream is enriched with pure aloe vera and comes with SPF 20 to shield the skin from UV damage.

4. To remove makeup

Ran out of your makeup remover? Fret not; this multipurpose plant doubles up as a makeup remover too! Pour out some gel on a wipe or cotton ball and gently remove your makeup with it easily. Feeling too lazy to make a DIY aloe vera makeup remover? You can try out Lakmé 9To5 Naturale Gel Makeup Remover with Pure Aloe Vera. It’s enriched with 100% pure aloe vera that melts off makeup easily (waterproof ones too) and soothes the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

5. To soothe sunburns

The sun and the heat can be brutal, especially for your skin. But why fear when you have aloe vera to your aid! Grab the aloe vera gel and apply it evenly to the affected area. The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera help soothe pain, and the redness caused due to sunburn. It does that by stimulating collagen production, which in turn helps in the entire healing process.