Jennifer Aniston Birthday Special: 5 Beauty Tips The Icon Swears By

Written by Nida SayyedAug 04, 2022
Jennifer Aniston birthday special: 5 beauty tips the icon swears by

Birthday girl Jennifer Aniston is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in Hollywood! After being in the public eye for over three decades, the actress is still considered an icon in every aspect. She aced every role she scored and blew the audience away with her brilliant performances. Her role as Rachel Green in the cult favourite sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S, won hearts worldwide. But her onscreen performances are not the only thing we love about her. Her beauty and grace have remained unchanged through the years. So, on the occasion of Jennifer Aniston’s 53rd birthday, we’re spilling some of her beauty secrets so we can all try and look as glamorous as her.


01. Start a skincare routine from a young age

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Image courtesy: Jennifer Aniston

The most important piece of advice Jennifer Aniston has is — don’t take good skin for granted. In an interview, the actress stated that she inherited great skin from her father and if she could, she would tell her younger self to maintain it as much as possible. It’s no secret that the F.R.I.E.N.D.S star is a big fan of skincare and has tried every trend in the book. The clear lesson we learn from this is to actively take care of your skin from a young age itself and be consistent with skincare to look as gorgeous as Jen.


02. Moisturise your skin and use SPF daily

Find a way to de-stress

Jennifer takes moisturising and applying sunscreen very seriously. She revealed that she has a moisturiser in every bathroom of her house and even in her car! The first thing she does after stepping out of the shower is moisturising her skin before it starts to feel dry.

She’s also a big advocate for SPF. One of her biggest beauty regrets is sunbathing without any sunscreen to get the tanner. She continues to enjoy soaking up some vitamin D in the sun but now she ensures her skin is protected with at least SPF30 before she steps out. For that sun-kissed glow, the actress now relies on bronzers and self-tanners instead.

Need we say more? Keep your skin moisturised and slather on some sunscreen all over your body. Our go-to sunscreens for the face and body are the Lakmé Sun Expert SPF 50 PA+++ Ultra Matte Lotion Sunscreen and Vaseline Healthy Bright Sun + Pollution Protection Body Lotion SPF 30. Both the formulations are nourishing, lightweight, non-sticky and sink right into the skin in no time!


Indulge in facials every once in a while

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Jennifer considers facials as exercises for the face. She loves to treat herself to some fancy facials every now and then. But she makes it a point to never overdo it. She tries to keep her skin looking its best by using massaging tools and rollers for the face, at home.

Is this a sign to treat yourself today? We think so! We take this as a green light from our favourite celeb but also as a warning to never go overboard with facials. You can also invest in facial massager and de-puffing tools such as gua sha and jade rollers.


Eat healthy

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Eating healthy food can make a world of a difference, and, we’re not the only ones saying it. Jennifer Aniston loves eating antioxidant-rich foods to help her stay healthy, fit and keep her skin glowing. She truly believes that sugar and junk food have an evident effect on your face, body and energy levels. One of her favourite things to eat is avocados. Jen also praised ginger and asparagus for their antioxidant properties.

An important lesson —  eat healthier and cut down on sugar. Aside from the immediate effects on your skin, junk food and sweets have also been proven to make you feel lethargic and tired faster than nutritious and healthy food.


Find a way to de-stress

Find a way to de-stress

Image courtesy: Pete Cruz


Stress affects your skin too. It can cause acne, fine lines, premature wrinkles and even hair loss. Aniston shared that she prefers digital detoxing and meditation every morning and night for about 20 minutes. She also added that this habit before bed helped her sleep better at night. The actress further encouraged her fans to find a way they can de-stress their minds to keep their stress levels in check.

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