From predicting a surge in the number of TikTok videos championing skinimalism to investigating the viability of at-home LED masks, we’d anticipated the emergence of a lot of beauty-related trends in the last few weeks of 2021. Here are a few more trends you will be encountering in 2022.


01. Demand for blue light sunscreen

Demand for blue light sunscreen

We slather a dollop of sunscreen onto our bodies to defend our skin against damage from UV rays, but that's not the only kind of light you need protection from. We station ourselves in front of our laptops for endless hours—oscillating between last-minute WFH meetings, countless emails, and completing our day-to-day work simultaneously. This everyday exposure to the screen doesn't just compromise our vision. It has been linked to skin-related concerns like hyperpigmentation, redness, inflammation, and collagen breakdown. This is where sunscreen stages an intervention. All you have to do is massage a 'blue light' sunscreen onto your body to protect your skin from screen-induced damage. We’re going to see more of these formulas saturate the market soon.


02. A milder Retinol-like alternative

A milder Retinol-like alternative

Despite being lauded as skincare saviours, a lot of formulas are harsh on the skin, which is why we’ll be witnessing a shift to milder alternatives. Retinol is one example. Suppose the formula triggers irritation, redness, or inflammation on the skin, drying out or peeling the skin, causing sporadic breakouts on the face, intensifying your melasma (patches of discolouration) or weakening the barrier or your skin. In that case, it's time to switch to an all-natural formula like Bakuchiol. It delivers similar benefits to your skin as Retinol—preventing lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, firming skin, and reducing pores without irritating your skin.


03. A renewed passion for minimalism

A renewed passion for minimalism

It’s a fact that skincare embodies the soul of our everyday beauty regimen. From achieving a crease-free, smooth, and seamless base with the employment of skincare formulas in lieu of foundation to replicating the Korean-derived style of double-cleansing the face, our routines are pivoted on skincare, not makeup. And we’re going to see more of this in 2022.


04. A call for sustainability

A call for sustainability

Is the product sustainable for the environment? Are the ingredients naturally and ethically sourced? Is it cruelty-free? These are some of the questions we all have started asking ourselves before purchasing a product. We, as consumers, have started identifying with brands that prioritise sustainability, cultivate accountability, and stand for transparency. There’s a renewed focus on the product's packaging, with many brands opting for recyclable or reusable/refillable packaging. This is something we’ll see more of in 2022.


05. A shift to body-care

A shift to body-care

Apart from layering our faces with a befuddling spectrum of formulas, we’re starting to understand the importance of focusing on our bodies too. More of us are gravitating toward options like lotions, hand creams, exfoliators, deodorants, and products alike for a day of self-care.

Image Courtesy: @buggy050799