If your daily skincare routine does not include steps that cater to the skin on the body, we have news for you. The skin on your body is as much in need of nourishment and care as your facial skin, maybe even more. Just because you do not see visible issues like acne (sometimes even that happens!) doesn’t mean it is not suffering. Your skin, as a whole, needs a dedicated routine that will strengthen it against daily damage from environmental aggressors and other factors.

Grooming habits like waxing and shaving can cause further stress to your skin. As such, it is necessary to have a body care ritual in place. Don’t know where to begin? These tips will help.


01. Exfoliate it regularly

Exfoliate it regularly

Accumulation of dead skin cells on the body can make the skin texture rough and look patchy. That’s why you need to exfoliate your skin once a week to get rid of dead skin cells to reveal softer and smoother skin underneath. Exfoliation also helps unclog the pores on your body to keep issues like ingrown hair and bumpy skin in check.

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02. Dry brush your body

Dry brush your body

A beauty trend that has gained popularity is dry brushing your entire body. Don’t get us wrong, it is a tedious task and can take a while to complete, but it has multiple benefits, making the efforts worth it. Some of them are increased blood circulation, surface exfoliation and managing inflammation. Include dry brushing in your routine at least once a week, and make sure to leave enough gap between your exfoliation day and dry brushing day to avoid over-stimulating your skin.


03. Lotion up after every shower

Lotion up after every shower

Body washes and soaps, no matter how hydrating they claim to be, can still zap the moisture out of your skin. This is especially true if you have exfoliated, dry-brushed, waxed or shaved, and need to hydrate the skin. A moisturising body lotion will give your skin the nourishment it needs and keep it bouncy and supple all year round. Focus on the neck, knees, and elbows, as they can often get ignored.

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04. Tend to problem areas separately

Tend to problem areas separately

A daily body lotion may not be enough to deal with specific issues on your body. Do not ignore them and tend to them separately. For instance, if you suffer from back acne, your skin-cleansing routine will have to be updated with ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Similarly, a lactic acid-infused body cream can tend to a host of issues like keratosis pilaris or dehydrated and flaky skin. Make sure to consult your dermatologist about the skin on your body too!


05. Sunscreen is important for your body too

Sunscreen is important for your body too

The sun cannot tell the difference between the skin on your face and skin on your back; your body tends to get equally, if not more, sun-damaged on a day to day basis. Invest in a good, broad-spectrum sunscreen and apply it on exposed parts of your body every single day. It will not only protect against tanning but also inhibit the appearance of early signs of ageing on your body.

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