5 Common Mistakes To Avoid In Your K-Beauty Routine

Written by Sumona BoseNov 30, 2023
5 common mistakes to avoid in your K-beauty routine

If you have taken the plunge of following a K-beauty routine, you will know how easy it is to get it wrong. The skin-first philosophy of K-beauty puts a lot of importance on layering the products just the right way and at the right intervals. And given that the routines are never less than five steps, you have a lot of room for error. These mistakes can keep you from achieving the skin goals you’ve set for your dream skin. From giving you glass-like skin to a creamy complexion that’ll make it seem like you’ve never had pores, these routines can deliver on their claims if done right. Here are five common mistakes to avoid in your K-beauty routine to make the most of it…


01. Constantly trying out new formulas

Using products that don’t pair well with each other

Every other day we’re introduced to a new skincare product in the market. While trying out new products might seem exciting, it might keep you from achieving your dream skin. Certain formulas contain active ingredients that take a while to show results; we are talking up to four to six months. And since issues like post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) or textured skin can take a long time to get better, it’s better to stick to one formula that works for you and let it work its magic.


02. Messing up the order of layering

Using products that don’t pair well with each other

K-beauty relies a lot on product consistencies and textures to provide your skin with the right balance of ingredients. The key is first to hydrate your skin and then lock the hydration in. This means water-based, and lightweight textures are to be applied at the beginning of your routine, and cream or oil-based products should be used to finish up the routine.


03. Not following a dedicated routine

Using products that don’t pair well with each other

Whether it is the formulas that you choose or the multiple steps you have to follow each day, consistency is key when it comes to K-beauty. Skimping on some steps on particular days or changing up the routine, and throwing your skin out of whack can slow down the process. Follow a dedicated AM and PM routine to see the results; it can take months before you see any change in your skin, so stay optimistic and not give up in-between.


04. Overdoing it with too many products

Using products that don’t pair well with each other

The key to acing your K-beauty routine is to start slow. Jumping on the 10-step bandwagon can be confusing as you may not know which product is actually getting the job done. Start by patch testing every single new product, cap it to five steps in the beginning and keep adding or eliminating products according to the benefit they are offering. This can take a while to do; patience is necessary to build your ultimate K-beauty routine.


05. Using products that don’t pair well with each other

Using products that don’t pair well with each other

Once you’ve nailed the application and layering technique, take some time out to learn about the ingredients. Certain potent ingredients can’t be layered together since they might cause irritation or inflammation. For example, layering skincare acids like AHAs and BHAs with retinoids is a big no-no, whereas vitamin C can’t be layered with retinoids or AHAs and BHAs and so on. So make sure to do a label check while buying the products and avoid layering the wrong ingredients.

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