Face masks are a quick and easy way to treat your skin to good ingredients and revitalise it in minutes. This is especially true for the lockdown when you do not have access to expert services due to salons being shut. But a face mask formulated with quality ingredients can make up for it to some extent. Adding a face mask to your routine two to three times a week can help strengthen your skin’s barrier, treat dryness and make your skin soft and supple.

Here are five ingredients to look for in your face masks to tackle lockdown skin woes.


1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C

There is nothing more reliable than vitamin C when you are going for an instant glow boost in your skin! Rich in antioxidants that help reverse sun and environmental damage on skin, a vitamin C sheet mask can help maintain healthy bright skin during lockdown. The ingredient also helps fade dark spots and reverse hyperpigmentation to give you youthful-looking, clear skin!

BB picks: Ponds Brightening Sheet Mask With Vitamin C And 100% Natural Pineapple


2. Oat kernel

Oat kernel

Oats don’t just make a filling breakfast, they are also one of the most calming ingredients you can use for your skin. Oat kernel extracts are rich in soothing and barrier-protecting compounds like beta-glucan, lipids and essential fatty acids to help deal with inflammation in the skin. It is highly absorbent and non-comedogenic, making it ideal for all skin types.

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3. Niacinamide


Niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3, is a versatile ingredient to include in your skincare. It is known for reducing redness, regulating sebum production, fading hyperpigmentation and minimising the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Given that you do not have the liberty of salon treatments, adding niacinamide to your routine can make a lot of difference.

BB picks: Pond’s Skin Brightening Serum Mask With Vitamin E & Niacinamide + Sea Daffodil


4. Bentonite clay

Bentonite clay

Your skin needs a detox as much as your body does, and bentonite clay can be your go-to for that. This mattifying powerhouse can clean your pores and unclog them from dirt and oil buildup. It also has antibacterial properties, which makes it super beneficial for acne-prone skin. Bentonite clay can be very soothing as well, making it good for soothing skin sensitivity issues while stuck in lockdown.

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5. Vitamin E

Vitamin E

A potent humectant and powerful antioxidant, vitamin E is a good ingredient to have handy at home. Adding an oil capsule to your DIY masks or using vitamin E-infused products can help keep your skin calm and relaxed. It also helps boost the sun protection factor of your sunscreen and helps manage issues like hyperpigmentation and dryness.

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