If you thought that delectable pizzas and pastas are the only things from Italy we need to be thankful for, then you are in for a treat! After K-beauty hacks, it’s time to take care of your skin the Italian way. The Italian women are famous for their radiant skin and they have a long list of natural ingredients (that you can easily find in your kitchens) to be thankful for.

So, read on and make the most of these incredible Italian beauty secrets that are wonderful for sensitive skin.


01. Olive oil for glowy skin

Olive oil for glowy skin

The Italians breathe, eat and live for olive oil! Italian ladies swear by olive oil for dewy skin. Packed with vitamins A, D, and K, E, and antioxidants, olive oil is known to protect your skin against ageing and detoxifies it as well. It also helps in keeping your sensitive skin hydrated, nourished and moisturised. Just take a few drops of this oil and gently massage it all over your face and you’d see great difference in your skin with regular use.


02. Garlic to the rescue

Garlic to the rescue

This magical herb is a lot more than an excellent taste enhancer in your favourite Italian dishes! With antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, garlic is amazing if you have acne and pimples. The allicin in garlic helps kill the acne causing bacteria. Also, it can help reduce the inflammation and improve blood circulation that can be helpful for your skin. Just take a clove of sliced garlic and rub it against your pimple to see how it works - easy-peasy!


03. Yoghurt for moisturisation

Yoghurt for moisturisation

Keeping your skin moisturised and hydrated is the key to healthy skin, but when you have sensitive skin it becomes important to choose your moisturisers wisely. You can take the Italian road for this and go for the all-natural yoghurt for this. Yoghurt is rich in vitamins B2, B5 and B12 and lactic acid that helps moisturise and hydrate your skin deeply, while also removing dead skin cells. It also helps treat acne and pimples, reduce dark circles, prevent early signs of ageing and give your skin an even tone. Add two teaspoons of honey to two tablespoons of yoghurt and let it sit for 30 minutes for healthy, nourished skin.


04. Super strawberry

Super strawberry


The Italians sure know their way around the kitchen, especially when it comes to picking kitchen ingredients for skincare! The next on the list are strawberries. This juicy fruit is loaded with alpha-hydroxy acid that helps you get rid of dead skin cells without being harsh. Also, the strong astringent, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties in them help delay ageing and prevent acne. You can smash strawberries, sugar and olive oil together to make a natural scrub for your skin and exfoliate your sensitive skin to get that supple, hydrated radiance.

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05. Coffee for exfoliation

Coffee for exfoliation


Besides being an excellent exfoliator, many Italian ladies believe that coffee helps reduce the appearance of cellulite on the skin. The caffeine in coffee helps reduce cellulite by dilating blood vessels under our skin that in turn improves blood flow. But that’s not all, coffee is also amazing for acne treatment, dark circles and has anti-ageing benefits as well. Just use ground coffee with coconut oil as a scrub and see the coffee work its magic.

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