5 Korean beauty tips to follow for a clear, glowing complexion

Written by Sumona BoseJun 30, 2020

Women in different cultures have their own set of beauty rituals and skin solutions that they turn to, which is exciting because regardless of the culture you belong to, you can broaden your own beauty rituals and incorporate different techniques to keep your skincare routine dynamic and interesting. These varied rituals also produce different results. For instance, Korean beauty is focused on clear complexion with a dewy finish. They achieve this with a unique set of ingredients, habits and even tools. This has made them hugely popular in the beauty world, and personally, we love them too!

Wanna know which K-beauty secrets are on the top of our list? Read on to find out...

01. Rice water for a flawless complexion

Rice water as a beauty ingredient is quite prevalent in many Asian cultures as an effective facial wash. Rich in vitamin A, C and E, flavonoids and phenolic compounds, it is a key component in Korean beauty routines for flawless skin. It also contains ferulic acid and allantoin, both of which enhance skin function and keep it looking plump. Rice water-based products like the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant will make your skin appear visibly smoother and brighter.

02. Snail mucin for dewy skin

This might sound icky, but snail mucin is a powerhouse ingredient in Korean skincare and might be single-handedly responsible for their enviably dewy complexion. It is 98% water which gives it its hydrating prowess. Snail mucin has also been known to help with collagen production, improving your skin’s barrier protection.

03. The 10-second toner rule

Apart from following elaborate skincare routines that consist of 10 steps or more, they also follow the 10-second toner rule, which states that you should apply a facial toner within 10 seconds of washing your face. Why? Because the longer your wait, the more dehydrated your skin becomes, hence, it’s essential to lock in the moisture as quickly as possible to keep the skin looking plump and hydrated. Use an alcohol-free toner like Lakme Absolute Pore Fix Toner that unclogs and tightens the pores to reveal a smooth and clean surface.

04. Face tools with multifold benefits

You can thank K-beauty experts for introducing us to amazing face tools like Gua Sha boards and jade rollers. Using a face tool comes with multifold benefits. They soothe the skin, get rid of puffiness, make your skincare products penetrate better into the skin and give you a relaxing skincare experience. These tools increase blood circulation in your face, sculpt your facial features and come with multiple anti-ageing benefits too.

05. Their go-to (beau)tea drink!

As someone who watches K-dramas religiously, I always wondered what the damsels in distress kept drinking on those shows. Turns out, it’s barley tea. Prepared with roasted barley and water, this beauty drink is a major staple in K-beauty. Being caffeine-free, the drink is highly hydrating, dispels toxins from the liver and improves blood circulation in your system. So sip your way to a gorgeous complexion with a freshly brewed cuppa!