The totally stunning Tamannaah Bhatia is turning 31 today! This Mumbai girl has been wowing audiences ever since she was 15 and has managed to amass a significant fan following over the years. These days, in addition to turning out one impressive role after another, she has established herself as a true fashionista — her fashion and glam game being impeccable at all times. But like many others, it has been a journey for her as well. We do confess to spending more than a couple of minutes scrolling down to the depths of her Insta feed and noticed how fabulous her beauty evolution has really been. Tamannaah, unfiltered, has always been flawless. But after years of working with top MUAs and hairstylists in the business, the stunner has changed a thing or two. Here are some beauty lessons we have picked from her beauty journey...


1. Highlight your features

Highlight your features

For someone who has such beautiful features and lovely skin, Tamannaah knows to highlight and accentuate her features. Her makeup game is mostly minimal. She sometimes changes things up with a metallic eyeshadow here or a bold lip there. Contouring is off the table at most times and placing focus on her almond eyes, and full lips always make for lovely makeup looks.


2. There is a perfect hairdo for every kind of outfit

There is a perfect hairdo for every kind of outfit

Tamannaah is one of the few actresses who makes the most of having a full-time hairstylist as part of her glam squad. She manages to come up with fun styles to perfectly match her ensembles. Whether it is a top-knot to show off the one shoulder detail in a gown or playing around with extensions to elevate a sleek pantsuit, her hair game is now on a whole new level.


3. Choose your makeup according to your skin’s undertone

Choose your makeup according to your skin’s undertone

While exploring Tamannaah’s Insta feed, we managed to pinpoint the exact feature that transformed her makeup game. She started to pay attention to her skin’s undertone. Which is why, while an earlier makeup look with baby pink hues on her lids and lips failed to impress, a more recent look with much deeper (and warmer) pinks look ethereal. Your skin’s undertone can make or break a makeup look ladies, so it’s about time we all start to pay close attention to it.


4. Don't follow trends blindly; own it

Don't follow trends blindly; own it

Even though Tamannaah likes to keep her makeup looks clean and classy, she sometimes forays into edgier and trendy looks. But the actress is good at not getting carried away by them, making her avoid a makeup faux pas. Which is why a metallic turquoise blue eyeshadow is perfectly balanced with a matte nude lip. We can’t stress this enough — trends should always be adapted to suit your unique features, and not just do what others are doing.


5. When in doubt, go back to the basics

When in doubt, go back to the basics

Designing a look to match an off-white (or neon green!!) outfit can be tricky. Tamannaah manages to ace this challenge by going back to the basics. When in doubt, a red lip or kohl smudged eyes or even peachy lids can not only save the day but also look so chic.

Images courtesy: @tamannaahspeaks