If doing your nails is the only cardio that you love, then hi-fi girl — we’re going to be best friends. A manicure not only improves your outfit, but also uplifts your mood, and who doesn’t want that? If you’re looking for some nail art inspo to revamp your digits, you’ve come to the right place. We’re listing five stunning matte nail art ideas that will have you booking a manicure appointment STAT.


01. For the love of chocolate

For the love of chocolate

Image Courtesy: @paintboxnails

If you love minimalistic manicure maven, you’re going to love this negative space nail art. It’s chic and will flatter all nail lengths. To amp up the manicure, go ahead and place tiny studs on the negative space.


02. Pastel magic

Pastel magic

Image Courtesy: @Etsy 

If you're a lover of soft, pastel colours, this manicure design should be right up your alley. Instead of painting all your nails in a solid colour, leave some nails bare and draw on some colour stripes for an understated look.


03. Mint-y tips

Mint-y tips

Image Courtesy: @paintboxnails

French manicure is a way to a girl’s heart, and this pastel rendition of the classic is simply stunning. Right from the abstract pattern to the pretty minty, matte colour - this manicure is a must try. Make sure you apply a matte base coat instead of a glossy one to get the perfect mint-y tips!


04. Abstract love

Abstract love

Image Courtesy: @Monifah Symone | Lifestyle Content Creator 

We’re firm believers of the fact that the more you play with your nails, the better they look! If you share the same belief, then you’re going to love this abstract matte nail art. An ode to all the boho souls out there, this nail art brings together pretty colours like pink, burnt orange and powder blue with funky little detailing on the tips.


With a touch of metallic

With a touch of metallic

Image Courtesy: @Fab Mood Inspiration

Bringing together the unlikely combo of matte and metallic, this nail art is simply stunning. You have got to love the blend of the olive green matte nail colour with light and dark nude browns between all the metallic detailing. The best bit? The warm colours are perfect for winter, so don’t forget to try this one out!

Main Image Courtesy: @paintboxnails

                                      @Fab Mood Inspiration