The always stunning and third time mommy-to-be Lisa Haydon turns 35 today! The actress and model is one of those celebs who make us want to get off our lazy bums and get in shape. She also happens to be an effortless beauty, sporting clear skin and freshly washed hair while at the beach or the pool (we are kinda jealous of this water baby!). Turns out, Lisa’s secret to pulling off a bare face and natural hair on a daily basis has to do with beauty rituals she follows religiously. Yes, it is not about quantity but being consistent with quality products that helps her maintain healthy skin and hair; and here are 5 of Lisa Haydon’s beauty rituals that you can adapt from her…

Happy birthday, Lisa Haydon: 5 beauty rituals the stunner never fails to comply with

01. NEVER skip that sunscreen

For someone who gets as much sun time as Lisa, sunscreen is an absolute essential. But even when not being her outdoorsy self, she has admitted to relying on a sun block for her daily morning routine. Lisa’s early AM routine looks pretty simple and starts from cleansing her face with a foaming formula and followed up with a SPF of at least 40. So make sure you're wearing that sunblock everyday ladies, even while indoors!

02. Supplement your diet to enhance your body routine

Lisa is in amazing shape and credits pilates, ballet home workouts and an active lifestyle for the same. The model and actress is also a big believer of what goes inside shows on the outside and makes sure to enhance her diet with beauty supplements. Some of the supplements that she never skips are plant-based omega 3 and 6 fatty acids,  probiotics for gut health, and multivitamins including oral vitamin C and D.


Happy birthday, Lisa Haydon: 5 beauty rituals the stunner never fails to comply with

03. Her go-to anti-ageing ingredient

Lisa has revealed that her anti-ageing routine is rather simple and uses a retinol-based cream twice a week to combat early signs of ageing. This is an excellent tip for anyone who finds their anti-ageing routine and active ingredients too cumbersome (we are looking at your retinol serums!) and is in need of gentle care. Plus, if you wear sunscreen as religiously as her, your anti-ageing routine is sure to simplify multifolds!

04. Her OTT hair care routine

If Lisa’s skincare routine sounds too simple to be true, she more than makes it up with her haircare routine. Because of her naturally dry hair type, she likes to leave her freshly washed hair in a nourishing serum cocktail overnight. The trick is to sleep with your tresses in nourishing formulas and protective hairstyles to wake up with soft and fluffy looking hair you can wear down the next day!

05. Her hair saviour

Lisa has confessed to treating hair care as part of her wellness routine. The model famously went blonde and we all know how difficult that can be on already naturally dry tresses. For Lisa, a deeply hydrating mask following a hair wash every single time has been key in saving her hair. And we cannot agree more - it may feel like a chore to slather to a deep conditioning mask every time we wash our hair; but if it allows us to sport beachy tresses without minimal styling everyday, we are willing to do it!

Images courtesy: @lisahaydon