She is yet to make her big Bollywood debut but has already won hearts with her envious fashion and beauty game. Yes, we’re talking about the Gen Z diva, Shanaya Kapoor. The young starlet also has gorgeous skin, making us wonder how she manages to keep it looking so flawless. So, we did some digging and here’s what we discovered. Ahead, we are listing down five beauty lessons we picked up from Shanaya Kapoor. Read on…


1. Use beauty products with natural ingredients

Use beauty products with natural ingredients

Image Courtesy: @shanayakapoor02

Shanaya is all about natural skincare and leans towards products with natural ingredients in them. This young siren agrees with the many benefits of homemade DIY scrubs and packs but finds them too messy for her own use. That’s why she sticks to skincare products with natural ingredients that are safe for her skin.


2. Stay hydrated, always

Stay hydrated, always

Image Courtesy: @shanayakapoor02

Taking a leaf out of her mother’s skincare book, Shanaya believes that the key to beautiful skin is staying hydrated. When your body is properly hydrated from within, it shows on your skin too. So, besides chugging copious amounts of water, she also keeps herself hydrated with smoothies and healthy drinks.


3. Avocado, FTW

Avocado, FTW

Image Courtesy: @shanayakapoor02

Shanaya’s favourite natural ingredient for her skin and hair is avocado. The young Kapoor diva advocates this superfood for smooth, moisturised and nourished skin. If you too want to give your skin a boost of avocado, then try out the Pond’s Nourishing Sheet Mask With Vitamin E And 100% Natural Avocado. With real avocado extracts, Vitamin E and serum in its formula, this sheet mask nourishes your skin to make it soft, supple and glowy.


4. Let your skin breathe

Let your skin breathe

Image Courtesy: @shanayakapoor02

Layering too many skincare products on your skin can do more harm than good. That’s why Shanaya keeps her skincare routine as simple as possible to allow her skin to breathe. She follows the basic CTM rule for her skin and makes sure never to step outside without slathering sunblock.


5. Eat right

Eat right

Image Courtesy: @shanayakapoor02

Besides keeping yourself hydrated, Shanaya also stresses the importance of eating right. A bad diet can show up in the form of breakouts and dullness on the skin. So, Shanaya includes lots of green veggies and healthy food in her diet and cuts down on any fried, sugary indulgence.

Main Image Courtesy: @shanayakapoor02