We've Debunked 5 Common Skincare Myths To Uncover What Works!

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
We've debunked 5 common skincare myths to uncover what works!

If you're a skincare junkie, chances are that you come across several beauty myths every now and then. Created years ago by those with limited scientific knowledge, these myths are continually passed around and we just, well, choose to believe them. But do the common sayings about skincare hold any truth?

Regardless of whether you subscribe to the myths or not, we're here to let you know that most of the beauty myths are just that. Myths. Ahead, we're debunking five of the most common skincare myths floating around, so read on.


01. You only need sunscreen in the summer

05. If you feel uncomfortable, the product is working

Hello, newsflash! You need to wear sunscreen when it's cloudy, raining, snowing — basically 365 days a year. Just because you can't see the sun, the UV rays are still there. They're still present. And it's the UV rays that are doing the damage. Opt for the Lakmé Sun Expert Tinted Sunscreen 50+++ SPF that will give you a natural finish while blocking upto 97% UVB rays. It'll help protect your skin from sunburn, dark spots, and premature ageing, while also hydrating and giving you decent coverage.


02. You should wash your face with hot water

05. If you feel uncomfortable, the product is working

Hot showers are great, but when it comes to washing your face? Stick to regular cold water. Washing your face with hot water strips your skin of its natural oils quickly, leaving your skin dry and parched. Using hot water to wash your face everyday will eventually strip the natural oils from your face, and may cause irritation as well.


03. People with oily skin don't need to moisturise

05. If you feel uncomfortable, the product is working

This is a classic myth, if there ever was one. Just because your skin is oily doesn't give you an excuse to skip out on moisturising. In fact, if you do, your skin may become oilier, since your sebaceous glands will start overcompensating. Choose a lightweight moisturiser like the Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser that will hydrate your skin adequately. Its fast-absorbing formula means it'll be non-greasy, and it's also non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores too!


04. Expensive means better

05. If you feel uncomfortable, the product is working

That's simply not the case, ever. Just because something is at a high price point doesn't necessarily make it the best product out there, especially for your skin. It's the efficacy of the ingredients and the formulation that matter a lot more than the price. It's all about the ingredients you're looking for!


05. If you feel uncomfortable, the product is working

05. If you feel uncomfortable, the product is working

You know skincare is supposed to make you feel good, and look good, right? Unless stated explicitly by your dermatologist, your daily skincare should not be uncomfortable at all. The whole 'if you feel a tingling or burning sensation, it's a good sign' thing is a myth and a sign that your skin cannot tolerate the product.

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