Happy Birthday, Vaani Kapoor! 5 Skincare Secrets The Gorgeous Actor Swears By

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
Happy birthday, Vaani Kapoor! 5 skincare secrets the gorgeous actor swears by

While her latest silver screen success, Bell Bottom, is the talk of the town, all we're obsessed with is Vaani Kapoor's gorgeous, flawless skin. While her on-duty looks boast of a luminous base and heavy eye makeup, her off-duty, no-makeup looks are just as good, if not better. Vaani Kapoor has worked hard to build a holistic skincare regimen, and we're just going to say it — it definitely shows.

So, on Vani Kapoor’s birthday, we're letting you in on the 5 skincare secrets that she swears by. Read on for the stunner’s best-kept skincare tips, and learn how to cop her gorgeous, glowing skin for yourself. Happy birthday, queen!


01. CTM all the way

05. Haircare

Building a beauty regimen that consists of cleansing, toning, and moisturising seems to be everyone's go-to, and Vaani Kapoor is no different. Seeking to balance out her skin and prep it for all the makeup she subsequently uses, the actor starts by washing her face with a mild cleanser and then tones and moisturises it. Celebrities, people — they're just like us!


02. A healthy regimen

05. Haircare

While she believes in treating herself now and then, Vaani Kapoor's beauty regime generally consists of a balanced diet of salads, complex carbs and veggies. The actor also swears by starting her day with a glass of detox water — lemon or apple cider vinegar — for a holistic beauty routine. Not only does this help with keeping one's body in tip-top shape, but it also helps with collagen production, improves the skin's elasticity, and clears out the skin. Along with this, Vaani Kapoor's beauty regimen also consists of some beauty sleep to let the skin rejuvenate. Well, when it comes to some much-needed nap time, you don't need to ask us twice!


03. Staying fit

05. Haircare

We all know there's nothing like holistic skincare to achieve the perfect glow, and Vaani Kapoor's intense fitness regimen is all the evidence we need. From a full-blown gym routine that consists of leg training, abdominal training and upper body workouts, to a combination of different yoga, the actor does it all — and we're here to take notes.


04. Massaging

05. Haircare

It was recently revealed that Vaani Kapoor regularly goes for a lymphatic drainage massage. No, it's not as scary as it sounds. A process that helps one get rid of lymph knots, Vaani Kapoor revealed that it helps with puffiness and bloating, especially on her face, and brings a natural glow afterwards. BRB, booking an appointment because we sure could use one of these!


05. Haircare

05. Haircare

Apart from her glowing skin, Vaani Kapoor also has voluminous, long locks that we're constantly envying. The secret to her gorgeous hair? No surprises here, it's oiling her hair! The actor uses almond oil to massage her mane every week — and we're here to tell you that this one actually works since it contains vitamin E and nourishes the hair like no other. Just look at Vaani Kapoor, her perfect tresses are proof!

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