There are pros and cons to being a winter bride — while you can wear heavy ensembles without turning into a sweat ball, your skin might not take well to all the stress involved. The cold air and low humidity levels cause your skin to become dry, thus increasing its sensitivity to external aggressors, products and stress. But fret not, we have a few tips that will help you keep winter skincare woes at bay so that your skin stays happy and healthy till the big day…


01. Have a dynamic daytime and nighttime routine

5 winter skincare tips every bride-to-be needs to follow

A winter bridal skincare routine should be dynamic in terms of your daytime and nighttime routine. The day products should focus on tackling dryness (caused by cold winds and harsh weather) and sun protection. The nights should focus on regenerative actions so that your skin is strong and ready to take on anything till the big day arrives. Focus on customising your skincare routine for you, instead of just following a basic one.

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02. Invest in a good facial oil

5 winter skincare tips every bride-to-be needs to follow

Adding a lightweight facial oil can help add even more hydration to your skin, which may not be possible with just a moisturiser. A quick-absorbing and ingredient-focused facial oil will also help strengthen your skin’s barrier over time and protect it from environmental aggressors. This is perfect for winter since your skin tends to lose hydration quickly and a good facial oil can help lock it in.

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03. Exfoliate intuitively

5 winter skincare tips every bride-to-be needs to follow

Exfoliation is crucial during the winter season. Dead skin cells accumulate a lot faster in the winter months and can make your skin look dull and flaky. But that doesn’t mean you will rub on any scrub and call it a day. Be gentle with your skin and exfoliate intuitively — oat scrubs are a good alternative for chemical exfoliators, which can be a bit harsh on overly sensitive winter skin.

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04. Optimise your lip care

5 winter skincare tips every bride-to-be needs to follow

If you have armed yourself with just a lip balm for the winter, we are nodding our heads in disappointment. Nothing will ruin your bridal makeup look more than chapped lips peeking through matte lipsticks! Make sure you’re exfoliating your lips daily — sugar scrubs are really good at that. Follow up with an emollient like a tinted lip balm to moisturise and nourish the lips.

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05. Skip scalding hot baths

5 winter skincare tips every bride-to-be needs to follow

We know this is difficult to do given that a hot bath can be so relaxing on a cold winter day — but they can seriously dry out your skin. Switch to lukewarm water baths and use a soothing body wash with nourishing ingredients to soothe and calm angry, irritated winter skin. Make sure to follow your shower session up with proper moisturisation (all over your body and face) to lock in the moisture.

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