Whether it is beauty beverages or a simple tip on how to wash your face, K-beauty trends are like a masterclass on how to maintain the best skin of your life. And they keep coming in too — it seems like there is new Korean skincare to try as soon as you’re done with the last one. But as is true with trends, some of them were just fads, but some stuck — and went viral; catching everybody’s attention because they worked so well.

Here are the top five Korean trends that went viral in 2020!

viral kbeauty skincare trends

Lit-from-within glow

K-beauty and glowy skin go hand in hand. The ‘Lit from within’ concept talks about tackling inner dryness of the skin rather than just the surface. K-beauty recommends adding humectants (they help bind moisture to your skin) to your skincare routine to hydrate the skin from inside out. Regardless of your skin type, adding hydrating ingredients to your skincare routine will give you dewy-looking skin for days.

viral kbeauty skincare trends

Pat, don’t rub

Did you know that rubbing your face can cause micro-tears on the skin in the long run? Tugging your skin while applying skincare products can also lead to wrinkles, which is why K-beauty advocates patting the skin instead. Gently tapping on the skin, also known as ‘slapping’, will make the product absorb better and dry faster.

viral kbeauty skincare trends

Natural enzymes, FTW

K-beauty is obsessed with groundbreaking (albeit weird) ingredients like snail mucin and seaweed. Their research is primarily focused on looking for natural alternatives for skincare staples — like using plant-based AHAs instead of chemical ones. The main goal is to replace harsh exfoliants with gentle ones that smooth out the skin’s texture by sloughing off dead skin cells, without disturbing the skin’s pH balance or leaving it dry.

viral kbeauty skincare trends

Succulents in skincare

If you keep killing your houseplants, this recommendation will come in handy! Succulents have become a trendy desk accessory and for good reason; they are excellent in retaining moisture and don’t have to be watered too often. Some K-beauty toners have cactus water as the primary ingredient that lends them their hydrating prowess. So, look for succulents additives in your skincare for an elastic, plump skin barrier that retains moisture for long hours!

viral kbeauty skincare trends

Skincare-infused makeup

A beauty trend that we are personally super stoked about is skincare-infused makeup. Combining the hybrid products and time-saving routines, makeup which has been upgraded to offer skincare benefits can be a game-changer. Serum enriched primers and SPF-infused foundations are already super popular, we wonder what’ll come next!