From researching for hours to watching endless YouTube reviews about what skincare ingredient to use to improve your skin’s health, you go to great lengths when it comes to taking care of your skin. So, to lend you a helping hand in this never-ending journey of finding the best ingredient for your skin, we have picked out five amazing and trending skincare ingredients that will take you closer to your goal of healthy, luminous skin. Excited? Scroll down to find out what they are…


01. Retinol


This superhero ingredient needs no introduction. Retinol is one of the most popular ingredients that can help you fight signs of ageing like wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots, etc., by stimulating the production of collagen in your skin to make it firm and plump. Besides that, it works to fight acne, and improve skin tone and texture. Just remember to get your hands on the right concentration of retinol or it can irritate your skin.


02. Peptides


This ingredient is just what your skin needs to appear plump and young. Peptides work to produce collagen in your skin, which helps it fight wrinkles, fine lines and improve your skin’s elasticity to make it appear firmer. It further helps repair damaged skin, improves your skin tone and eases inflammation.


03. Alpha hydroxy acids

Alpha hydroxy acids

Everything, from lactic acid to glycolic acid falls under the category of Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). This skincare ingredient is widely popular and used in many skincare ingredients like serums, toners and even creams. Besides being an excellent exfoliant, AHAs also help brighten your skin, inhibit premature signs of ageing and acne breakouts, increase the production of collagen and allow your skincare products to penetrate deeper.


04. Beta hydroxy acids

Beta hydroxy acids

Just like AHAs, Beta hydroxy acids are great exfoliants for your skin too. It works to remove the dead skin cells from your skin to unclog your pores and improve its texture, reduce signs of ageing and also sun damage. BHAs make sure your skin doesn’t produce excessive sebum and is great for people with oily and combination skin types.


05. Yeast


Not as popular as the other names on this list, but yeast is an amazing skincare ingredient that you need for smoother and luminous skin. Enriched with vitamin B and antioxidants, yeast helps hydrate your skin and aids it to produce collagen, fight skin issues like acne and seborrhea, and make it smooth and bright.