5 Winter Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin

Written by Urvi ShahNov 30, 2023
5 Winter Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin

It’s not uncommon for us to evolve our skincare routines during the winters. As temperatures dwindle, we gravitate toward products that hydrate, moisturise, and rejuvenate our dry skin. We avoid scalding showers, and steer clear of soaps, lotions, and creams containing alcohol and fragrances; but we fail to acknowledge that the rest of our beauty repository, too, needs a switch-up. Since our skin is flaky, dry, and dehydrated during this season, it’s important that we invest in products that tackle these concerns - or don’t intensify them at the very least. Here are five beauty tips that you must take note of before the winters kick in.


1. Don’t skip out on moisturiser

Moisturise your hands

Before you dive into your makeup routine, you must moisturise your skin for an instant, dewy, lit-from-within glow - your highlighter doesn’t do all the work. Massage the product into your skin, and apply a dollop on your neck as well. This step wards off any dryness, and sets the base for a non-patchy, seamless look. Ensure you’re moisturising your face right after your shower - when your skin is damp. This is the optimal time to deliver hydration to your skin.


2. Bid adieu to powdery products

Moisturise your hands

You must introduce cream-based and liquid-based formulas into your repository during the winters - powdered products dull your skin, and rob you of your glow. Invest in creamy foundations and eyeshadows, for instance, or liquid blush. While we’re on the topic, avoid using matte-based products too. They dry out your skin, and settle into your flakes - and we’re all trying to dodge that uneven, patchy look, aren’t we?


3. Nail your nails

Moisturise your hands

Don’t opt for neon colours during the winters. Avoid bright shades in general. Reserve them for the summers. Paint your nails cherry red, silver, nude, grey, or gold. These are the trendiest colours during the season.


4. Exfoliate your lips

Moisturise your hands

Your lips are chapped and dry during the winters, and we’re sure you’re licking them in an attempt to moisturise them. That’s a big no-no. Instead, exfoliate your lips with a honey-sugar scrub, and tuck a few chapsticks and balms in your purse to hydrate them every now and then.


5. Moisturise your hands

Moisturise your hands

We tend to neglect to look after our hands in general. They require extra care during this season though. You can use an overnight hand-cream, lotion, or petroleum-based moisturiser like Vaseline to keep the dryness at bay, nourish the cuticles, and avoid infections due to cracked, bleeding skin. Carry around a hand-cream like the Vaseline Intensive Care Hand Lotion to moisturise your hands on the go.

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