By now, you know the drill of taking care of sensitive skin - use gentle products and keep any kind irritants, like fragrance or alcohol, far from your routine. While choosing the right products for irritation-prone skin will keep it healthy, there are some factors that cannot be controlled - the winter season being one of them. Sudden drop in temperatures and cold wind combined strip your skin of moisture, exacerbating sensitive skin issues like redness, tightness and inflammation. Your sensitive skin might just need some extra attention during winter compared to the rest of the year. Here some skincare tips to keep winter flare-ups to a minimum…


1. Use a hydrating cleanser

Use a hydrating cleanser

Give your overly drying or deep cleansing facial washes a miss this winter - they can make your skin parched and disturb its natural lipid barrier. Use a gentle, hydrating cleanser, with lukewarm water, for a nourishing facial wash. If you are wearing makeup, you can include cleansing water or micellar water to the mix - the goal is to rid your skin of dirt and grime while keeping the moisture levels intact.

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2. Invest in a humidifier

Invest in a humidifier

During winter, your sensitive skin is constantly exposed to harsh environments, especially if you are someone who likes to be out and about. Even at home, your skin can further dry out from heating devices, increasing the chances of becoming irritated and sometimes even flaky. Invest in a humidifier for the colder months - they can help put moisture back into your skin, at least for the amount of time you are spending at home.


3. Exfoliate and tone

Exfoliate and tone

The general idea about exfoliation and sensitive skin is to avoid it, except for the winter season when it is kind of essential. Dead skin build-up caused due to winter dryness needs to be sloughed off in order to let other skin products seep in. Use a washcloth or fine-grained physical exfoliant once or twice a week; chemical exfoliants and exfoliating brushes can be too harsh on your skin. Make sure to add a soothing toner to the mix to keep your skin calm and help it thrive even during winter!

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4. Use hydrating skin treatments strategically

Use hydrating skin treatments strategically

Living with sensitive skin means being wary of using potent formulations as they cause flare-ups. However, you can strategically add some hydrating skin treatments to your routine to remedy the sallow look of winter skin. For instance, a lightweight hyaluronic acid serum can help retain moisture in your skin for long hours. Certain facial oils can come in handy as well - granted you are patch testing them for irritability before usage.


5. Double down on moisturisation

Double down on moisturisation

The biggest mistake you can commit for sensitive skin is just slapped on any heavy cream whenever it feels dry. Yes, you have to double down on moisturising, but make sure they are suitable for your sensitive skin. Opt for emollient creams over face lotions; rich ingredients like fatty acids and ceramides can help drench your skin with the hydration needed to keep dryness induced flare-ups to a minimum.