Here Are The 5 Worst Beauty Trends Of 2021

Written by Anyuktha NallaniNov 30, 2023
Here Are The 5 Worst Beauty Trends of 2021

At this point, social media has become Pandora’s box for beauty, skin and hair care hacks. We see a bunch of new tips and tricks popping up almost every other day. While there are some hacks we swear by, there are others that are absolutely bizarre and need to be done away with, pronto. Here are the top five worst beauty hacks of 2021 that need to die before the new year.


1. Excessive foundation

Full face wax

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Unless you live under a rock, we bet you’ve seen videos and reels of women smearing half a bottle of foundation on their face aggressively while lip-syncing to trending songs. We can’t help but wonder how cakey they must look when they step out of the glow of their ring light. All this excess foundation not only clogs your pores but is just a waste of product too. Nah, don’t want this to ring in the New Year with us!


2. Sunscreen contouring

Full face wax

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The trend is basically about not applying sunscreen to the areas you want to contour and stepping out in the sun to tan the areas, giving you a contoured look. The idea of having a semi-permanent contour at all times seems tempting but is it worth the damage your skin will go through? Hell, nah! Let’s leave this trend back in 2021 and make smearing sunscreen overall a trend. And if you want a no-makeup tan, you can always choose self-tanning alternatives that won’t leave you with permanent skin damage.


3. Teeth filing

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With the lockdown forcing many to become their own hairstylists, some decided to take it up a notch and become their own dentists. The trend is about filing your teeth with a nail filer to make them look even. This trend for obvious reasons caused panic among dentists who feared incorrigible enamel damage. So, please stick to using a nail filer to file your nails, because they’ll grow back, but your teeth won’t!


4. High-frequency facials

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Let’s understand what high-frequency facials are. The treatment uses a glass electrode that produces either argon or neon gas, releasing a small electrical current. It works beautifully for treating acne, wrinkles and large pores. However, the matter of worry is that people are using these professional-grade tools at home and most likely using incorrect methods, which might leave lasting effects on their skin. When it comes to anything electrical, leave it to professionals and save yourself from the pain and damage.


5. Full face wax

Full face wax

Image courtesy: razutle Swinakponav

In this past year, if there’s one thing that became popular overnight, it was this trend. Literally, every third waxing reel was people smearing or pouring hot wax onto their face and waxing it off. Now, these videos, while highly satisfying to watch, can cause more damage than we realise. It can suffocate a person or cause a trauma shock if the wax is not pulled right! Now thinking about it, is it seriously worth 15 seconds of fame? Sis, no! I’d rather be a hairy rambutan than a dead peach.

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