It’s the boss lady’s birthday. We’re talking about none other than Rihanna! From making us groove to her music to dropping our jaws with her makeup and stylish fits, RiRi has done it all. In fact, she is so iconic that her hometown, Barbados, celebrates a day called ‘Rihanna Day’ to honour her. In the last few years, she has changed the beauty game with her revolutionary looks. Even though fans have called it questionable at times, it was always, undeniably, iconic. And while there are countless styling tips we can take from the singer, here are the top six beauty lessons we learnt from Robyn Rihanna Fenty.


01. Break ‘beauty rules’

Break ‘beauty rules’

Image courtesy: Priscilla Ono


Remember when they said you should either do a bold lip or bold eye? We don’t need that anymore. Rihanna has been defying the ‘laws of makeup’ for years and her viral blue eyeliner and red lipstick look was just a reminder for her fans to go all out. Her talented makeup artist Priscilla Ono created dramatic blue wings for RiRi and paired it with a red lip; two colours on the opposite ends of the spectrum — still looking splendid.

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02. A bold lip is always a good idea

A bold lip is always a good idea

Image courtesy: Rihanna


There is barely any lip shade that Rihanna hasn't rocked. We all know she loves her classic red, but she’s also a fan of burgundy, orange, metallics, browns and even black. She’s proved time and time again that a bold and bright lip shade works for every occasion. So, whenever you’re feeling low, just swipe on a scarlet lipstick and feel as fierce as Rihanna.

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03. Golden glow never goes out of style

Golden glow never goes out of style

Image courtesy: Rihanna

One thing we’ve noticed about Rihanna’s signature looks is that she’s always glowing like a goddess. The singer has also stated that she loves a golden highlighter. There was a time golden highlighters were considered passé but the singer made them trendy again by rocking a golden glow to every red carpet and social event. Gold is the best tone of highlighter for medium to deep skin tones and Rihanna makes us want to go and grab a new highlighter right away.

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04. Highlighter isn’t limited to your cheeks

Highlighter isn’t limited to your cheeks

Image courtesy: Rihanna


The birthday girl likes to shine overall! Rihanna’s body is always gleaming with a highlighter. If you want to shine bright like a diamond, apply your highlighter all over your collarbones, shoulders and legs, whenever you’re stepping out. This adds such a gorgeous, healthy skin effect that makes you look like you walked straight out of a salon.

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05. Don’t be afraid of colour

Don’t be afraid of colour

Image courtesy: Priscilla Ono


If there’s one thing that doesn’t faze her, it’s playing with colours. From lipsticks to blushes, Rihanna plays with the most off-beat tints. She not only rocks them all but also encourages her audience to pick that bold shade every once in a while.

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06. Experiment, experiment, experiment!

Experiment, experiment, experiment!

Image courtesy: Priscilla Ono


Again, she does not play by the rules and the rules don’t apply to her. She lets her creative side take the lead when it comes to makeup. From unthought-of colour combinations to wings that would make heads turn, she tries them all. But it’s not just about makeup. She’s adventurous with her overall style. Whehether it’s a trend birthed by Gen-Z or a resurrection of fashion phenomenon from some era, Rihanna will wear it all AND look fabulous in anything she touches.

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