Fashion and beauty trends come and go. But when certain looks from our school days suddenly become a trend again, we can hardly contain our excitement. 2021 is going to be the year of comebacks. This year, you will see some of the most popular beauty trends from the 90s reemerge and make you nostalgic.

Right from mullet hairstyle to dark lipstick, you are going to be experiencing plenty of throwbacks this year. Let’s look at all the beauty trends from the 90s that will be popular in 2021.


01. Contrast hair colour

Contrast hair colour

Image courtesy: @ivadokova

During the lockdown, women experimented a lot with their hair looks in terms of cuts and colours. This year, hair looks are only going to get bolder. Experts predict that the 90s block colouring style will be huge in 2021. It involves colouring large sections of hair in bold shades like blonde, pink or neon green.


02. The Mullet


Image courtesy: @mainpointsalon

The mullet was one of the most trending hairstyles in the 90s and guess what, it has made a massive comeback with celebrities like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus embracing this trend. The hairstyle involves many layers with short face-framing hair on the front and sides and longer hair at the back. If you like cool, effortless hairstyles, this one might just be right for you.


03. Butterfly clips

Butterfly clips

Image courtesy: @kikifaithcollection

Do you remember going to the playground wearing your chunky butterfly clips in fifth grade? A subtle and pretty version of this trend is currently blowing up on Instagram. So get your hands on cutesy butterfly hair accessories, and try on a few different looks to take a trip down memory lane.


04. Supermodel lips

Supermodel lips

Image courtesy: @roxanamaaria

In the makeup department, 90s supermodel lips have made a huge comeback. This makeup trend can be achieved by outlining with a brown lip liner then filling in with a slightly lighter brown lipstick shade.


05. Brown makeup looks

Brown makeup looks

Image courtesy: @amandaburgos86

Remember your favourite celebrities wearing glossy brown lipstick and eyeshadow looks in the 90s? The shade has made a comeback, but thankfully without the gloss and shimmer. Choose a natural brown palette to create this eye makeup look and pair it with a nude or a dark brown lippie, the choice is yours.