A Round-Up Of The Best Skincare Tools Of 2020

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
A round-up of the best skincare tools of 2020

2020 was the year of skincare. With social distancing norms set in place, people spent time at home practising self-care more than ever. This meant an increase in demand for skincare products, tools and techniques that will give you the best skin you’ve ever had. They helped beauty enthusiasts create a salon-like face massaging moment for themselves at home.

And 2020 introduced us to many of these multi-purpose tools that target various skin issues, help simplify routines and make them even more effective. Which is why we are looking back at five of the top skincare tools of 2020 that made our skincare regimen so much easier during a very stressful year...


01. Y-shaped ball roller

05. Electronic T-wand

This stunning looking metallic tool was all over our Insta feeds this year and for good reason. Recommended for use in your morning skincare routine, the roller also helps stimulate blood circulation and removes excess fluids and toxins to get rid of puffiness. It is perfectly shaped to fit the contours of your face and when used cold can help soothe and calm your skin.


02. Rose quartz gua sha

05. Electronic T-wand

Facial tools have a lot of sceptics out there but that is because not many are familiar with the right technique for using them. The gua sha tool, especially the ones made from rose quartz, is known to alleviate skin inflammation. Granted that you are using it the right way — an inside out motion from the chin to under the brow, then upwards on the forehead. This technique helps with lymphatic drainage on your face and relax the facial muscles, giving your skin an effortlessly healthy feel.


03. Silicone face scrubber

05. Electronic T-wand

As mentioned above, 2020 was definitely a year when people educated themselves more about what means to have a good skincare routine. One important lesson of the year has been how to properly exfoliate the skin, without being too harsh. Which is why tools like silicone scrubbers and products like chemical exfoliants got a lot of attention. Silicone helps slough off the dead skin cells from your skin, without actually ‘scrubbing’ it harshly.


04. Jade roller

05. Electronic T-wand

While jade rollers perfectly serve the purpose of massaging in your skincare products for better absorption, they indirectly do more than that. Plus, the rolling action helps bring in fresh oxygen to your skin, giving it an instantly flushed look. They are also available in varying sizes to help target specific areas like under the eye or the side of the nose.


05. Electronic T-wand

05. Electronic T-wand

Since electronic facial tools can be a bit on the pricier side, they did not get a whole lotta love as the other entrants on his list. However, the T-wand presented as a good affordable option between manual tools and something splurge-withy like LED treatment masks. T-wands are so good as well. They are known to improve skin texture. Plus, they are extremely relaxing to use, rejuvenating your skin from the surface and keeping it firm.

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