From incredible beauty demos to the industry insiders and beauty influencers, there was plenty to see at the Grazia Beauty Festival which was held on the 6th and 7th March, 2019. Grazia the magazine, hosted a two day beauty festival for the city, featuring niche brands, cool contests and expert sessions.  Obviously then, we the beauty fanatics at team BeBe had to show up and relish all things beauty!

While at this festival, we caught hold of the gorgeous Karishma Rawat who’s making her mark in the blogging world and fired off a fun beauty rapid fire with her.

Read on as she reveals all her skincare secrets, favourite spring trends she’s loving and more...

BB: Skincare products you swear by in summers?

KR: Toner and face packs

BB: Hair care tips to survive summers!

KR: Deep condition and steam your hair

BB: What’s the secret to your glowing skin?

KR: I drink a lot of water

BB: What is your signature look?

KR: Curly hair, nude lips and defined brows

BB: Your go-to summer hairdo...

KR: Curls as I have thin hair

BB: Any spring summer trend you’re loving right now?

KR: Bold and colourful eyeshadows

BB: Here’s a quick this or that...

Smokey eyes or glitter lids

KR: Smokey eyes

BB: Buns or braids

KR: Buns

BB: Matte or gloss

KR: Matte

BB: Curls or straight

KR: Straight

BB: Bouncy or sleek

KR: Bouncy

BB: No-makeup look or full face makeup

KR: No-makeup look

BB: Burgundy lids or red lips

KR: Red lips

BB: Brown smokey eyes or good old black smokey

KR: Brown smokey eyes

Image courtesy: Instagram