The Grazia Beauty Festival held at Phoenix Mall, Mumbai on 6th and 7th March was nothing short of a wonderland for the beauty buffs. Beauty bloggers, celebrities and makeup experts graced the event and talked about all things beauty. Amongst the famous faces, we spotted Tele land’s Pooja Gor looking stunning in a red maxi dress.  We roped her in for a quick beauty rapid fire and picked up some cool tips for summer. Read on to know what she said...

BB: Skincare products you swear by in summers

PG: Gel moisturiser, sunscreen and lip balm!

BB: Skincare habits to survive summers

PG: Keep washing your face and moisturise your lips

BB: What’s the secret to your glowing skin?

PG: I drink a lot of water

BB: Your hair care in summer is like…

PG: I just wash my hair and air dry it. I don’t blow dry.

BB: Any spring summer trend you’re loving right now?

PG: The no-makeup trend!

BB: Let’s do a quick this or that…

Smokey eyes or glitter lids

PG: Glitter lids

BB: Buns or Braids

PG: Braids

BB: Matte or Gloss

PG: Matte

BB: Curls or Straight

PG: Curls

BB: Bouncy or Sleek

PG: Bouncy

BB: No makeup look or full face makeup

PG: No makeup look

BB: Burgundy lids or red lips

PG: Red lips

BB: Brown smokey eyes or good old black smokey

PG: Brown smokey eyes

BB: Give us a skincare tip for Holi

PG: Wear a moisturiser and sunscreen on face and oil your hair. For Holi, I would say do wear makeup as it creates one layer between your skin and colours.